Amnesty International Invites Professor Kirstein to Speak on the War

On April 19 at Homewood-Flossmoor High School in Chicago, Amnesty International is hosting an event on the Iraq War from 600-800 PM. They are describing it as a forum on the Occupation of Iraq.

I enjoy speaking in front of high-school audiences. While I don’t like the way they are controlled by their teachers and the inevitable architectural drabness of secondary schools, this is where the resistance should start. In radicalising and motivating high-school students to protest, act up, demand peace, denounce unjust wars, reject illegitimate authority and demand a world predicated not on violence and immoral power maximising but love and respect.

I will indeed be most direct and pointed in my criticisms of the Bush administration and their liberal cronies who debate the tactics not the morality of Americans in the 21st Century continuing to murder, butcher and slaughter non-white peoples who wish to be liberated from the yoke of American colonialism.

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