LensCrafters: How About Giving Donovan His Due?


This magnificent ad and I don’t wear LensCrafters products and have absolutely no desire to peddle their product, contains an unidentifed song and artist. Cutwater, the ad agency does not identify the artist in any of its literature nor does extensive online ad company trade sites and promos reveal the musician’s name. However, this is a great ad, digitally mastered from a studio version with acoustic guitar of course and virtuoso banjo and it really infuriates me that the singer is not acknowledged online. The Internet is full of inquiries over who the singer is? Well it’s the Scottish-born Donovan singing “Colours” which appeared on the Universal Soldier album. This was released the same year when Donovan was chastened in a hotel room by Dylan’s winging of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” in Don Pennebaker’s epic Dylan-centered masterpiece, Dont Look Back (1967)! {without an apostrophe in “Dont.”}

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