Dr Timothy Kuklo’s Patient Defends the Colonel and Condemns My Critique as a “Disgrace.”


I received the following email from a John Lane. One of many I might add and have carefully scrutinised which to publish since I am on a university server. Some have submitted very damaging charges about Dr Kuklo which I am pursuing but I am not a journalist or part of an investigative team so what I cannot verify I do not post. Yet I do believe my reporting of the Kuklo matter has been accurate, very detailed and professionally responsible. I have NOT called for Dr Kuklo’s dismissal at this point but the evidence against him is so grave that such a resolution may be the only reasonable one to protect his patients and the integrity of Washington University School of Medicine.

The issue is not whether Dr Kuklo is medically competent as the testimonial from Mr Lane emphasises. I am sure his training affords him ample opportunity to demonstrate such competencies and am pleased Mr Lane has benefitted from treatment. The issue is whether Dr Kuklo is medically responsible and trustworthy to continue the practice of medicine in a clinical setting. He faked research on the Medtronic Corp. product Infuse which was published in a peer-review article, “Recombinant human morphogenetic protein-2 for type grade III open segmental tibial fractures from combat injuries in Iraq.”  He lied like a criminal in forging the names of four other army officers as fake co-investigators of the Infuse project and benefited financially as a consultant of Medtronic. That unseemly association in which research outcomes are influenced by being on the payroll of the product’s manufacturer has ended. Medtronic has now SUSPENDED him from that association but the barn door has been closed after the pig escaped.



Greed and personal enrichment trumped business and professional ethics as Medtronic and Dr Kuklo collaborated as shameful hucksters of Infuse.

Dr Kuklo claimed a dramatic efficacious response, in comparison to traditional therapies, from the protein-based bone-growth product Infuse without any evidence: the patients at Walter Reed did not exist; there was no statistical evidence that his data existed; his investigation was not based on any actual research. He was claiming Infuse was 92% effective and just made up the data. This disgraceful and unprofessional conduct is now being investigated by the Congress or at least  by Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa. The article may have caused deaths or injury or needless suffering for patients whose surgeons may have been unduly influenced by the article’s claims in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery prior to its retraction.

Mr Lane defends Dr Riew whom I praised as an “esteemed” and gifted physician. I merely rejected emphatically his rather gratuitous defence of Dr Kuklo’s character and penchant for fabricating co-authors as the result of an absence of fax machines etc. as biased and rather self-serving. They collaborated on many research projects from book chapters to journal articles. I link my response at the appropriate point in Mr Lane’s email.

Mr Lane is incensed about my email response seven years ago to an Air Force  Academy cadet.  I referred to the incident in my last Kuklo post and have written and lectured on this incident across the U.S. and Europe. I think I am quite an expert on suspension having studied, experienced and published on the sanction. Mr Lane links snopes.com which is a militant prowar right-wing website which is entitled to its opinion. I offer another one which is more tolerant of dissent. My  Blog Category A: Kirstein Academic Freedom Case  carries more information on the academic freedom case. I would opine that a robust, enraged email that condemned the baby-killing tactics of collateral damage was a denunciation of war and death. I think Colonel Timothy R.  Kuklo, M.D. is guilty of a malicious disregard of his professional responsiblities in which real people may have been proffered inadequate treatment. It merits an immediate suspension to protect the public from this dishonest and unethical physician.


From: John Lane [gorams21@hotmail.com]

Sent: Fri 5/22/2009 3:14 AM
To: Kirstein, Peter N. {kirstein@sxu.edu}
Subject: Dr. Kuklo

I have lived in severe chronic pain for the past 5 years. I have had 3 surgeries and 3 surgeons and have not only not improved but my condition worsened. I am 44 years old and have a wife and 2 young sons. I am a local business owner in the St.Louis area.

I was recently refered to Dr.Kuklo after getting to the point of not being able to function on almost any level. My Doctors had told me I would never improve and I had in fact became disabled.I could never put into words how difficult my families life had become or mine due to my disability.

I went to see Dr. Kuklo in December 2008. After some tests he convinced me to have yet another spinal surgery.He explained that my previous surgeries were collapsed and they had not fused. He wanted to perform a  complicated 3 level cervical fusion and use the medtronic BMP. Without much hope and knowing this surgery was going to be hell I agreed since Dr. Kuklo’s confidence gave me some hope.

On 1/16/2009  I had the surgery. Today I am mostly pain free. I am no longer on narcotics of which I was taking very large amounts and still in terrible pain. I have returned to work and playing with my kids. I am not constantly irritable and depressed, I am in fact overwhelmed with gratitude most days.

Your attacks and demands for Dr.Kuklo to be suspended are not a service to this community. I believe that these are unfounded allegations at this point.I also can tell you that I have not had any Doctor that I felt cared for my well being the way Dr.KUKLO has.

I have seen some other of the nasty things you have said and done. You are the one that is the disgrace. How many people have you healed. I have heard several Physicians publically defend Dr.Kuklo . I also read you attacks against Dr. [K Daniel] Riew for coming to his colleagues defense.Dr. Riew is considered one of the top 2 or 3 in the country for disc replacement surgery. You are now trying to discredit him.

You must be a sick and hateful person that just wants to see his name around controversy.I read about you on snopes.com

You should retract your writing until the truth is out.

ST.Peters Mo.

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