Gaza, Israel and Colonisation

Since I know many students consult my online work:

1) Arabs speak Arabic. An Arab may be Christian but an Arab speaks Arabic. Iranians are Muslims but are not Arab because most speak Farsi or Persian and not Arabic.
2) A Muslim is one who believes in Islam. A Christian practices Christianity and a Muslim practices Islam.
3) Most Muslims are not Arabs. The nation with the largest population of Muslims is Indonesia.
4) Islam is a religion based on the teachings of the Qur’an and its adherents believe Allah is God as revealed to the final prophet Mahomet through the Angel Gabriel in the 7th century.

Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza is hardly worth praising. This was occupied land for almost forty years and Israel never liked Gaza. It is a strip of land on the Mediterranean that is one of the most undeveloped in the world. It was part of the British Mandate in Palestine and is about 25 miles long and 6 miles wide. Nine thousand colonisers from Israel, the U.S. and other lands moved into this territory with the sense they were a “chosen people” carrying out a biblical mandate for a greater Israel. The other 1.3 million plus Palestinians lived in absolute squalor. Also and where was the U.S. press on this one? The 9,000 invaders occupied one-third 33% of Gaza and the other 66% of Gaza was where the 1 million plus Palestinians lived. No attempt was made to spread the wealth and comfort of the settlers to the inhabitants. Had Egypt received Gaza in addition to the return of the Sinai, a lot of this misery could have been avoided. Arabs don’t like being governed by Jews and Israel is learning they can’t kill them all or force them to pay obeisance to Zionism.

The press is focusing on the turmoil of the settlers as they are being removed from occupied Arab land. I wish half the attention that has been paid to the experiences of the settlers, had been paid to Palestinians, who were forcibly repatriated in 1948, who have been killed by IDF, whose houses were destroyed and razed, whose travel was severely disrupted. One of the great ethnic crimes of modern history has been the treatment of the Arab Nation, the Palestinians in particular, by Israel. Let history judge them for this atrocity.

All, not some, all of the 250,000 invaders who stole portions of the West Bank must be removed as well. The “roadmap” to peace must have the fundamental outcome of land restored, and a two-state solution. While it is true that partition of Palestine was rejected by the Arabs in the 1940s, clearly a two-state solution is essential in resolving this conflict. Israel is a nuclear power, the strongest military power in the region and one of the strongest in the world, and needs to show restraint, understanding and respect for different peoples of different religions. It cannot continue this outrage and we shall see if they will return the West Bank, portions of Jerusalem, allow the right of return to Israel of those expelled in the diaspora. Without these concessions or some compromise, violence will continue and the U.S. will continue to be in the crosshairs of a Muslim world tired of poverty, preemptive crusades and colonisation.

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