Army Suicides Increase: Another Reason to End War of Aggression in Mesopotamia (Iraq)

The number of suicides among Army personnel was 83 in 2005. 
The number of suicides among Army personnel was 67 in 2004.  
The number of suicides among Army personnel was 60 in 2003.

The current total includes regular Army, National Guard and Reserve troops. The most recent recording of suicides that equaled or exceeded the current total of 83 was in 1993 when 90 died.

What is particularly disturbing about this situation is that of the 83 suicides that took place in 2005, 25 occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan. About 40% of the suicides in country (Iraq) occurred last year alone. One may surmise that the stress of combat, the sense of hopelessness that the mission is neither worthwhile nor achievable, a revulsion against killing or abuse by other military personnel may contribute to this tragedy.

This is one of the major tasks of a war resister and an advocate for the diminution of American terrorism. Demonstrate that patriotism and waving the flag and supporting the troops does not mean necessarily supporting a war in which 1000s perish, become mortally wounded, and display severe mental disorders either through suicide or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The crimes of this country are not merely directed at other nations but the mistreatment and cavalier and arbitrary use of American military personnel for crusades and conflicts that are immoral, ruthless and beyond justification.

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