Celeste Zappala and the Antiwar Movement

Here is yet another mother of a dead soldier who has turned against this war.

Before the Iraq War there was a massive antiwar movement that was global in reach. While not as intense in the U.S. as in Europe, it was significant. Unlike Vietnam, the antiwar movement started before the invasion–as evil as Operation Barbarossa–of March 19, 2003.

During Vietnam, some of the soldiers became antiwar advocates and formed groups such as Vietnam Veterans Against the War that counducted Winter Soldier investigations of war crimes. They were the so-called “legitimate or credible” protestors because they were in-country and witnessed the Nazi genocide perpetrated by the U.S.

Now it appears that mothers of dead soldiers are the link to the “legitimate or credible” protestor phenomenon. It is gendered in a sense. Women with dead sons in deep grief and wanting to understand why their sons died in such an ignoble and senseless campaign. While, of course, most protestors against American imperialism and state terrorism are not veterans or family members of KIA, there is a palpable impact when such persons oppose the war. It is clear that their voices were not heard or acknowledged by the press until Cindy Sheehan’s campaign against the war arrived at the doorstep of the president’s Texas palace.

The press, which is basically a press agent for the Pentagon, has now sensed a growing unease and opposition to the war as seen in public opinion polls and is now finally giving voice to those opposing the carnage. I wonder how many grieve for the parents of Iraq soldiers butchered by both Bush presidents or the parents of the 10,000s of children that starved because of the U.S. sanctions against that country. I care as much about young men and women in Iraq as I do here. We should hold our irresponsible, and cruel leaders accountable and punish them with great severity and justice.

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