Encyclopedia of the Culture Wars: To Publish October 2009


I will contribute the highlighted entries below on J. Robert Oppenheimer and Academic Freedom.

This work has been delayed several times as a result of wanting to include the latest culture-wars phenomena of the Obama transition to power. The editor Roger Chapman has certainly undertaken an ambitious project on a topic of unending complexity and progression. While the nation is not as divided as it was during the genocide in Vietnam, there are still progressive elements that engage issues and, however meekly, demand equal justice, civil rights, women’s rights including abortion rights and an end to American imperial dominance and militarisation.

These are the current content entries which is quite comprehensive and ideologically inclusive in scope.

Abortion; Abu Ghraib and Gitmo; Academic Bill of Rights; Academic Freedom; Adler, Mortimer J.; Affirmative Action; Afrocentrism; Age Discrimination; Agnew, Spiro T.; AIDS; Alexander, Jane; Ali, Muhammad; American Century; American Civil Liberties Union; American Civil Religion; American Exceptionalism; American Indian Movement; Americans with Disabilities Act; Androgyny; Angelou, Maya; Animal Rights; Anti-Intellectualism; Anti-Semitism; Arnold, Ron; Arrow, Tre; Aryan Nations; Atwater, Lee; Automobile Safety

Baez, Joan; Bankruptcy Reform; Barbie Doll; Battle of Seattle; Beauty Pageants; Behe, Michael J.; Bell Curve, The ; Bennett, William J.; Biafra, Jello; Biotech Revolution; Birth Control; Black Panther Party; Black Radical Congress; Blackface; Bob Jones University; Bono; Book Banning; Boy Scouts of America; Bradley, Bill; Brock, David; Brokaw, Tom; Brown, Helen Gurley; Brown v. Board of Education (1954); Bryant, Anita; Buchanan, Pat; Buckley, William F., Jr.; Budenz, Louis F.; Bullard, Robert D.; Bunche, Ralph; Bush Family; Busing, School; Byrd, Robert C.

Campaign Finance Reform; Campolo, Anthony “Tony”; Canada; Capital Punishment; Carson, Rachel; Carter, Jimmy; Catholic Church; Censorship; Central Intelligence Agency; Chambers, Whittaker; Charter Schools; Chßvez, CTsar; Cheney Family; Chicago Seven; Chick, Jack; China; Chisholm, Shirley; Chomsky, Noam; Christian Coalition; Christian Radio; Christian Reconstructionism; Christmas; Church and State; Churchill, Ward; Civil Rights Movement; Clinton, Bill; Clinton, Hillary; Clinton Impeachment; Cold War; Colson, Chuck; Columbus Day; Comic Books; Comic Strips; Commager, Henry Steele; Common Cause; Commoner, Barry; Communists and Communism; Comparable Worth; Compassionate Conservatism; Confederate Flag; Conspiracy Theories; Contemporary Christian Music; Contract with America; Corporate Welfare; Coulter, Ann; Counterculture; Country Music; Creationism and Intelligent Design; Cronkite, Walter; Cuba; Culture Jamming

Dean, Howard; Dean, James; Dean, John; Deconstructionism; DeLay, Tom; Deloria, Vine, Jr.; Demjanjuk, John; Democratic Party; Diversity Training; Dobson, James; Donahue, Phil; Douglas, William O.; Dr. Phil; Drudge Report ; Drug Testing; D’Souza, Dinesh; Du Bois, W.E.B.; Dukakis, Michael; Duke, David; Dworkin, Andrea; Dylan, Bob

Earth Day; Ecoterrorism; Education Reform; Ehrenreich, Barbara; Eisenhower, Dwight D.; Election of 2000; Election of 2008; Endangered Species Act; English as the Official Language; Enola Gay Exhibit; Environmental Movement; Equal Rights Amendment; Evangelicalism; Executive Compensation

Factory Farms; Faith-Based Programs; Falwell, Jerry; Family Values; Farrakhan, Louis; Federal Budget Deficit; Federal Communications Commission; Felt, W. Mark; Feminism, Second-Wave; Feminism, Third-Wave; Ferraro, Geraldine; Flag Desecration; Fleiss, Heidi; Flynt, Larry; Focus on the Family; Fonda, Jane; Food and Drug Administration; Ford, Gerald; Foreman, Dave; Forests, Parklands, and Federal Wilderness; Foucault, Michel; Founding Fathers; France; Frank, Barney; Franken, Al; Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial; Freedom of Information Act; Friedan, Betty; Friedman, Milton; Fundamentalism, Religious; Fur

Galbraith, John Kenneth; Gangs; Gay Capital; Gay Rights Movement; Gays in Popular Culture; Gays in the Military; Gender-Inclusive Language; Generations and Generational Conflict; Genetically Modified Foods; Gibson, Mel; Gilmore, Gary; Gingrich, Newt; Ginsberg, Allen; Global Warming; Globalization; Goetz, Bernhard; Goldwater, Barry; Gonzßlez, Elißn; Gore, Al; Graffiti; Graham, Billy; Great Books; Great Society; Guardian Angels; Gun Control; Guthrie, Woody, and Arlo Guthrie

Haley, Alex; Hall, Gus; Hargis, Billy; Harrington, Michael; Hart, Gary; Harvey, Paul; Hate Crimes; Hauerwas, Stanley; Hay, Harry; Hayden, Tom; Health Care; Heavy Metal; Hefner, Hugh; Heller, Joseph; Helms, Jesse; Heritage Foundation; Hightower, Jim; Hill, Anita; Hill, Julia “Butterfly”; Hillsdale College; Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Hispanic Americans; Hiss, Alger; Hoffman, Abbie; Hollywood Ten; Holocaust; Homeschooling; hooks, bell; Hoover, J. Edgar; Horowitz, David; Horton, Willie; Human Rights; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Hunter, James Davison; Huntington, Samuel P.; Hurricane Katrina; Hutchins, Robert M.

Illegal Immigrants; Immigration Policy; Indian Casinos; Indian Sport Mascots; Individuals With Disabilities Education Act; Internet; Iran-Contra Affair; Irvine, Reed; Israel

Jackson, Jesse; Jackson, Michael; Japan; Jehovah’s Witnesses; Jesus People Movement; John Birch Society; Johnson, Lyndon B.; Jorgensen, Christine; Judicial Wars

Kennedy Family; Kerouac, Jack; Kerry, John; Kevorkian, Jack; Keyes, Alan; King, Billie Jean; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; King, Rodney; Kinsey, Alfred; Klein, Naomi; Koop, C. Everett; Kristol, Irving, and Bill Kristol; Krugman, Paul; Kubrick, Stanley; Kushner, Tony; Kwanzaa; Kyoto Protocol

La Follette, Robert, Jr.; La Raza Unida; Labor Unions; LaHaye, Tim, and Beverly LaHaye; Lapin, Daniel; LaRouche, Lyndon H., Jr.; Lear, Norman; Leary, Timothy; Lee, Spike; LeMay, Curtis; Leopold, Aldo; Lesbians; Lewis, Bernard; Liddy, G. Gordon; Limbaugh, Rush; Literature, Film, and Drama; Lott, Trent; Love Canal; Loving, Richard, and Mildred Loving; Lynching

MacKinnon, Catharine; Madonna; Mailer, Norman; Malcolm X; Manson, Marilyn; Mapplethorpe, Robert; Marriage Names; Marxism; McCain, John; McCarthy, Eugene; McCarthy, Joseph; McCarthyism; McCloskey, Deirdre; McGovern, George; McIntire, Carl; McLuhan, Marshall; McVeigh, Timothy; Mead, Margaret; Media Bias; Medical Malpractice; Medical Marijuana; Medved, Michael; Men’s Movement; Mexico; Microsoft; Migrant Labor; Militia Movement; Milk, Harvey; Millett, Kate; Million Man March; Miranda Rights; Mondale, Walter; Montana Freemen; Moore, Michael; Moore, Roy S.; Moral Majority; Morgan, Robin; Morrison, Toni; Mothers Against Drunk Driving; Motion Picture Association of America; Moynihan, Daniel Patrick; Ms.; Multicultural Conservatism; Multiculturalism and Ethnic Studies; Mumford, Lewis; Murdoch, Rupert; Murrow, Edward R.; Muslim Americans; My Lai Massacre

Nader, Ralph; Nation, The ; Nation of Islam; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; National Endowment for the Arts; National Endowment for the Humanities; National Organization for Women; National Public Radio; National Review ; National Rifle Association; Nelson, Willie; Neoconservatism; New Age Movement; New Deal; New Journalism; New Left; New York Times, The ; Niebuhr, Reinhold; Nixon, Richard; Norquist, Grover; North, Oliver; Not Dead Yet; Nuclear Age

Obama, Barack; Obesity Epidemic; Occupational Safety; O’Connor, Sandra Day; O’Hair, Madalyn Murray; O.J. Simpson Trial; Operation Rescue; Oppenheimer, J. Robert; O’Reilly, Bill; Outing

Packwood, Bob; Paglia, Camille; Palin, Sarah; Parks, Rosa; Penn, Sean; People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; Perot, H. Ross; Phelps, Fred; Philadelphia, Mississippi; Pipes, Richard, and Daniel Pipes; Planned Parenthood; Podhoretz, Norman; Police Abuse; Political Correctness; Pornography; Postmodernism; Premillennial Dispensationalism; Presidential Pardons; Prison Reform; Privacy Rights; Privatization; Progressive Christians Uniting; Promise Keepers; Public Broadcasting Service; Punk Rock

Quayle, Dan

Race; Racial Profiling; Rand, Ayn; Rap Music; Rather, Dan; Reagan, Ronald; Record Warning Labels; Red and Blue States; Redford, Robert; Redneck; Reed, Ralph; Rehnquist, William H.; Relativism, Moral; Religious Right; Reparations, Japanese Internment; Republican Party; Revisionist History; Right to Counsel; Right to Die; Robertson, Pat; Rock and Roll; Rockwell, George Lincoln; Rockwell, Norman; Rodman, Dennis; Roe v. Wade (1973); Rosenberg, Julius, and Ethel Rosenberg; Rove, Karl; Ruby Ridge Incident; Rudolph, Eric; Rusher, William A.; Ryan, George

Said, Edward; Same-Sex Marriage; Sanders, Bernie; Saudi Arabia; Schaeffer, Francis; Schiavo, Terri; Schlafly, Phyllis; Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr.; School of the Americas; School Prayer; School Shootings; School Vouchers; Schwarzenegger, Arnold; Science Wars; Secular Humanism; Seeger, Pete; September 11; September 11 Memorial; Serrano, Andres; Sex Education; Sex Offenders; Sexual Assault; Sexual Harrassment; Sexual Revolution; Sharpton, Al; Sheen, Fulton J.; Shelley, Martha; Shepard, Matthew; Shock Jocks; Sider, Ron; Silent Majority; Simpsons, The ; Smoking in Public; Socarides, Charles; Social Security; Sodomy Laws; Sokal Affair; Soros, George; Southern Baptist Convention; Soviet Union and Russia; Sowell, Thomas; Speech Codes; Spock, Benjamin; Springsteen, Bruce; Starr, Kenneth; Stay-at-Home Mothers; Steinbeck, John; Steinem, Gloria; Stem-Cell Research; Stern, Howard; Stewart, Jon; Stone, Oliver;
Stonewall Rebellion; Strategic Defense Initiative; Strauss, Leo; Structuralism and Post-Structuralism; Student Conservatives; Students for a Democratic Society; Summers, Lawrence; Supply-Side Economics; Symbionese Liberation Army

Taft, Robert A.; Talk Radio; Tax Reform; Televangelism; Teller, Edward; Ten Commandments; Terkel, Studs; Thanksgiving Day; Think Tanks; Third Parties; Thomas, Clarence; Thompson, Hunter S.; Three Mile Island Accident; Thurmond, Strom; Till, Emmett; Tobacco Settlements; Tort Reform; Transgender Movement; Truman, Harry S.; Turner, Ted; Twenty-Second Amendment

Unabomber; United Nations; USA PATRIOT Act

Ventura, Jesse; Victimhood; Vidal, Gore; Vietnam Veterans Against the War; Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Vietnam War; Vigilantism; Voegelin, Eric; Voting Rights Act

Waco Siege; Wall Street Journal, The ; Wallace, George; Wallis, Jim; Wal-Mart; Walt Disney Company; War on Drugs; War on Poverty; War Powers Act; War Protesters; War Toys; Warhol, Andy; Warren, Earl; Warren, Rick; Washington Times, The ; Watergate; Watt, James; Watts and Los Angeles Riots, 1965 and 1992; Wayne, John; Wealth Gap; Weekly Standard, The ; Welfare Reform; Wellstone, Paul; West, Cornel; Weyrich, Paul M.; Whistleblowers; White, Reggie; White Supremacists; Wildmon, Donald; Will, George; Williams, William Appleman; Wilson, Edmund; Winfrey, Oprah; Wolf, Naomi; Wolfe, Tom; Women in the Military; Women’s Studies; Woodward, Bob; World ; World Council of Churches; World War II Memorial; Wounded Knee Incident

Young, Neil

Zappa, Frank; Zero Tolerance; Zinn, Howard

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