Pentagon Visits My Website. Good!!

It is with some irony that a Pentagon-based employee arrived at my website through a Technorati Search for "torture iraq." I can well understand the DoD's interest in the phenomenon as they continue to disgrace the United States with crimes against humanity and war crimes that explicitly proscribe the actions that they commit on a daily basis, perhaps, in Iraq and other areas of the world. I usually delete phone numbers when publicising a military-related item but maybe someone can call this techi listed below and ask him or her if "they are having a nice day" running the world which chooses not to be run by Americans. If General Peter Pace answers the phone, you might ask him. "General, do you remember when you mocked President Hussein's lack of military skills as commander in chief? (I believe he was vice-chair of the J.C.S. then.) How do you feel about his skills now assuming he had some operational role in the Vietnam-style asymmetrical resistance against American imperialist forces? Are you still General Pace as cocky about American military superiority as you were then?"

OrgName:    Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon
OrgID:      AISC-16
Address:    The Pentagon, Room BE1018
Address:    6607 army Pentagon Dr.
City:       Washington
StateProv:  DC
PostalCode: 20310
Country:    US

NetName:    PENTNET1
NetHandle:  NET-141-116-0-0-1
Parent:     NET-141-0-0-0-0
NetType:    Direct Assignment
RegDate:    1990-07-17
Updated:    2005-10-21

RTechHandle: IPMAN18-ARIN
RTechName:   IP Management
RTechPhone:  +1-703-692-0269

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