Saddam Speaks!

Posted at 02:42 PM ET, 05/22/2006 on a Washington Post blog

Saddam's Greatest Hits

The latest headline from Saddam Hussein's war crimes trial: "Uproar in court as judge ejects Saddam lawyer." Just over six months after proceedings began, the trial continues to be a platform for the former Iraqi president to defy "occupation forces" and assert his authority. Here's a look at Hussein's courtroom proclamations, which illuminate the mind of a former dictator in the dock.

On his current position in life:
"I'm Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq. I am above all." (Feb. 20)

On being chided by Abdel-Rahman for addressing him by his first name:
"Your title and position are illegal and illegitimate. How can you judge the president of Iraq who stood as a spear against all who plotted against Iraq?" (April 6)

On being charged with ordering the torture and execution of scores of Shiites after a 1982 assassination attempt:
"This statement cannot influence me or shake a hair of my head. What matters to me is the Iraqi people and myself. I am president of Iraq by the will of the Iraqi people." (May 15)

On his character:
"In the tough times, Saddam Hussein carries people on his shoulders." (March 1)

On the current Iraqi government:
"Down with the traitors. Down with Bush. Long live the Arab nation." (Feb. 14)

On Israel and America:
I don't care if even [former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon] Peres comes here – I'm not referring to you or anyone else who opposes them… I don't mind if he sits here and tries me. Like the Egyptians say, tuzz on him ("to hell with him"), and on his ridiculous entity. I don't care if Bush comes and sits here and tries me. Tuzz on him and on his chair… and on his father before him. Double tuzz on them!" (Nov. 29, 2005)

Addressing the court:
"Go to hell." (Dec. 7, 2005)

On the nature of the Iraqi Special Tribunal:
"A daughter of a whore." (Jan. 29)

On being thrown out of court:
"I led you for 35 years, how dare you throw me out. Shame on you! "(Jan. 29)

On the Iraqi insurgency:
"I call on the people to start resisting the invaders instead of killing each other." (March 16)

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