Question About an Acronym? Why Not U.S.O.A? And Flag Desecration

Why does the acronym U.S.A. acquire standard usage? The name of the country is United States of America so I would think U.S.o.A. or USOA or USoA would be more inclusive of the name. Of course the name is somewhat of an inaccurate description of the nation as seen by the late War Between the States, the divide between Blue and Red States, the push for Hawaiian independence and secession, and the culture wars between the left v. the liberal-conservative duopolic center. In any event the USOA needs some reckoning for its lawless behaviour in the international realm.

I also would be deeply offended if the U.S.O.A. flag was declared off limits for dissent and protest. For years the House of Representatives has passed a flag-desecration amendment that would exclude the flag from free-speech protection in the first amendment. It has by a narrow margin been defeated in the Senate. The flag is supposedly a symbol of freedom and not a sacred icon that is beyond attack. I have told my classes for years that if such an amendment were to become law, I would take a class to a public sidewalk that borders the campus and have them sit on the campus side. I would sit in the sidewalk and would take a postage stamp with the American flag on it and light it with a match in a contained vessel to insure the conflagration would not engulf the students or the surrounding community. The purpose would be to show the need for Americans to defend their freedoms, my commitment to rational and appropriate dissent and the absurdity in banning a national symbol as an object of protest.

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