Making The Atomic Bomb, Like Iraq War, Was Based On Lies of German Weapons of Mass Destruction (W.M.D.)

Hiroshima annual remembrance of their holocaust in which 125,000 were killed or injured as the nuclear age entered the annals of diabolical history. {See: Kirstein’s Latest  A-Bomb Article}

This date, August 6, 1945, was one of the most important and significant moments in world history. The arrival of the nuclear age with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima by the Americans at the end of World War II, thrust the world into an almost indescribable frenzy of self-destruction.  This winter I will be publishing research in a major peer-review journal titled, “Hiroshima and Spinning the Atom: America, Britain, and Canada Proclaim the Nuclear Age, August 6, 1945.”Using materials from the National Archives it will introduce some novel revelations of this horrific and Earth shattering event. While I am prohibited, due to “copyright authorisation,” from revealing too much prior to publication including  an abstract, I will, with appropriate circumspection, state the following.

Before the uranium-core bomb exploded in the skies over Hiroshima, the United States was planning a propaganda campaign to sell the nuclear age to the American people and the global community. The article will prove that the beginnings of this campaign preceded the Truman years and that it was multinational in scope. The article will introduce for the first time A-bomb statements on the day of the bombing in a comparative historical context. As usual, American historians primarily focus upon the United States role in the Manhattan Project on which I have  previously published but virtually ignore the role played by other “allies” during this period. Several nations are known to have prepared the world for the meaning of the atomic age in the most glowing terms and offer exterminationist rhetoric that debases the human condition and mocks the notion of  the “Greatest Generation” with its contemptuous disregard of  just war and its supposed moral superiority over the Germans or Japanese.

Many felt that the United States would have a monopoly on the nuclear weapons’ inventory for decades and arrogantly sought to prevent any efforts at international arms control. While the US used the atomic bomb against a nearly defeated and devastated Japan–twice I might add noting the criminal Nagasaki holocaust on August 9–the Soviet Union acquired its atomic bomb just four years later in August, 1949. The race was on and has not stopped as nuclear pride and nuclear elitism, so pronounced by the early nuclear powers, has prodded more vulnerable states to equal the score and avert regime change.

Unfortunately when the Earth was created, it came packed in its crust with uranium which is rather plentiful. Without uranium, a heavy unstable transuranic element with the atomic number 92, there is no atomic bomb: period. One cannot make any type of nuclear weapon–even a hydrogen bomb–without access to uranium. While plutonium was used as the primary fissionable material in the latter Nagasaki “Fat Man” bomb, without uranium one does not acquire plutonium. It is created as a by-product in a nuclear reactor when U-238 is bombarded with another neutron and does not exist in functional amounts in nature. Through reprocessing, which took place at Hanford in Washington State during the Manhattan Project (1942-1945), plutonium is separated and used as a fissionable fuel in nuclear weapons.

Someone forgot to tell the United States of America.

Mr George W. Bush was unfortunately not the first to mislead the American people about the existence of weapons of mass destruction (W.M.D.)  Physicists Leo Szilard, Victor Weisskopf, Enrico Fermi, Albert Einstein (though he was more of a pawn in this game), Eugene Wigner and non-scientist Alexander Sachs as early as 1939, two years before the US entered the war, were trying to scare President Franklin Delano Roosevelt into  launching an A-bomb programme in order to beat Nazi Germany that they claimed was feverishly and successfully working on an atomic bomb.

The first nuclear arms race was on. The “battle of the laboratories” was the name used in official documents but the problem was there was only one participant in this monstrous and unseemly competition. Germany had no Manhattan Project to speak of, did not create nuclear fission or reach criticality in any pile and never entered into a crash programme as did the US. While it had great physicists such as Werner Heisenberg, Paul Harteck, Otto Hahn (probably the first to discover nuclear fission of uranium), Kurt Diebner and Carl-Friedrich von Weizsäcker who were aware of  neutron-splitting fission, it never constructed enrichment plants, gaseous diffusion plants or reprocessing plants and never created an archetype for a nuclear bomb or warhead on their rocketry. There was a “missile gap” but who cares since only conventional warheads were then developed.

Germany was innovative in theoretical physics but not in experimental physics. Its scientists let it down during the war as it underestimated the value of graphite as a moderator to slow down neutrons and basically believed heavy water and natural uranium would cause fission. Of course that would obviate enrichment of U-235 and move to the plutonium option but that was not achieved. Also allied sabotage and bombing of their heavy water assets at the Vemork Hyrdogen-Electrolyis Plant  in Norway and research centers such as the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute in Berlin further stymied their episodic and elementary nuclear-research programme. Germany never even agreed it should develop A-bombs; that decision was never formally emphasised or adopted but of course there was anemic government sponsored research into nuclear fission which fissiled.

It is certain that the atomic bomb was built over a fabrication of lies or, to be more charitable, unseemly and epic exaggeration. No:  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was hardly going to go public and talk about a German nuclear programme in 1939 or 1942, when the Manhattan Engineer District began, since he tried to keep such research in total secrecy but the genesis, the inception, the decision to develop atomic bombs was based on the false and unsubstantiated claim that Germany was in the midst of a crash programme to develop fission weapons. Was it merely faulty intelligence or exaggerated emotions to scare the administration into this Armageddon of death and mayhem and butchery?

A nuclear rival did not exist and Saddam did not possess nuclear weapons either. The entire edifice and raison d’être for the atomic-bomb programme proved to be illusory and non-existent. While Mr Bush merely lied the US into war crimes against Saddam, the scientists who preyed on F. D. R. were not well informed enough to demand morally such a dangerous and possibly Earth-eliminating undertaking with the world moving inexorably toward a nuclear catastrophe. Adolph Hitler had not even invaded Poland when this coterie tried to get President Roosevelt to launch the nuclear A-bomb project which did begin in earnest in 1942.

Yet even when Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945, the nuclear-bomb warfare option did not end. It merely transferred its objectives upon Japan that clearly was not developing nuclear weapons.  The hate-filled United States did not allow a noncombat demonstration, a warning or even a continuation of the  blockade to coerce a surrender.  Not even the full-scale invasion, which they lied about 1,000,000 projected casualties, was likely to ever occur for that was not to deploy large numbers of American invaders across the Tokyo Plain for at least eight months in March 1946.

No modifying, despite the urgings of Secretary of War Henry Stimson and Undersecretary of State Joseph Grew, of the barbaric unconditional surrender doctrine to allow the retention of the Emperor occurred–even though it was allowed AFTER the war. Nor was there waiting to see the demoralising effect of the now-unwelcomed Soviet invasion of Manchuria. The Truman A-bomb attack was a revengeful, criminal act without justification or military necessity. Yes scientists such as Tokutaro Hagiwara speculated about fission and even the development of thermonuclear weapons with a U-235 spark to ignite the fusion of hydrogen atoms. Yet not even the US worried about Japan possessing weapons of mass destruction.

They used to say “duck and cover” like Bert the Turtle would do the trick. Or a little A-Bomb shelter in the backyard if you are home will be just fine. Or build more warheads and launchers than any other power will “deter.” What kind of a nation do we live in with this type of weapon, to paraphrase Secretary Stimson, “that we wear so ostentatiously on our hip?”

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