Ward Churchill Responds to University of Colorado Charge of Plagiarism

This is his response to the ideologically inspired auto da fe. This investigation, which may or may not have merit, was the product of his antiwar protest and condemnation of American Foreign Policy. I am not in a position to evaluate his work, however,  I am in a position to know that unpopular speech is frequently suppressed by universities. I do think his argumentation that no Native-Americans were on the C.U. committee and that Ethnic Studies has its own unique research methodologies is worthy of exploration.

 I am aware that the committee did indicate that the investigation was ordered in the context of Professor Churchill's remarks on the 9/11 attacks. Also I was suspended for an antiwar e-mail and am concerned that any recommendation for suspension–some urged Professor Churchill be suspended for five years without pay-does not adhere to A.A.U.P. guidelines that require an immediate or imminent threat of danger to the individual or to others.

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