Arlington Heights, ILL. Book Burner: Deterred For Now

This is a photo of a Nazi bookburning. They also invaded nations without provocation and Americans have to be careful to preserve the freedoms that we hold dear.

Leslie Pinney, an ideologically motivated censor and enemy of freedom of thought is a member of the Arlington Heights school board. She conceded she HAD NOT READ seven of the nine books she wanted to ban from Arlington Heights Township High School District 214's curriculum. She lost her book-burning effort by a 6-1 vote. She had consulted of all things, Wikipedia, a source that I have frequently demonstrated is substandard if not negligent, and merely read "excerpts" from this great literature.

She wanted to ban among other works Tim O'Brien, Things They Carried (which coincidentally I am using this fall in my Vietnam and America class), Toni Morrison, Beloved, and Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five. Ms Pinney wanted to impose her ideology on students, faculty and families. She wanted to do so without research, without attention to detail and without respect for academic freedom of students and the need to have open inquiry in a democracy. Individuals like this are a threat to open education and represent a clear and present danger to providing critical thinking and the access to a range of materials that assist students seek the truth.

If her careless approach to this issue were exercised by teachers in their presentation of materials in their classrooms, I am sure she would be the first to demand their dismissal.

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