Memorial Day: Thirteen Illinois Soldiers Killed in Last Six Months In Iraq War.

These are the names of the Illinois Soldiers who died Between November 24, 2005 and May 29, 2006 in Iraq. I know your states have their lists too and this is only the list of the dead from Illinois. Yet as Americans in blue or red states, this horror must cease and this loss of life must end. Those who live in Japan or Vietnam, we need a memorial day for those people that the Americans killed in Vietnam or the War in the Pacific that resulted in milllions of deaths caused by atomic fission, napalm, Agent Orange and high-altitude incendiary bombing that had a Nazi-like quality to it.

I can't apologise for the deaths below because I had no power to stop it but beginning with my e-mail to Cadet Kurpiel on October 31, 2002, I at least have a more public voice to denounce American militarism and senseless waste of its own military's lives.

Sgt. 1st Class Eric Pearrow, 40 army

Sergeant Grzegorz Jakoniuk, 25 army

Lance Cpl. Adam Kaiser, 19 marine

Lance Cpl. Andrew Patten, 19 marines

Spec. Brian A Wright, 19 army

Sgt 1st Class Shawn Dostie, 32 army

Lance Cpl Jonathan Price, 19 marines

Pfc. Sean T. Cardelli, 20 marines

Lance Cpl. Philip Martini, 24 marine

Sgt Edward G. Davis III, 31 marine

Specialist Ronald Gebur, 23 army

Captain Shane Mahaffee, 36 army

Pfc. Caleb A. Lufkin, 24, army

Mr Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary Powell, Secretary Rice, Secretary Rumsfeld and others have blood on their hands and hopefully will be arrested, indicted and sent to life in prison. You cannot get away with this butchery of our young men and women in this manner. You must be brought to justice under international law. Your power and your military cannot be used to shield you from the horrible crimes you have committed. On Memorial Day, we need to emphasise the unnecessary sacrifice that these soldiers gave in a war in which they did not make, begin or manipulate for vile political ends. Shame on this country and its government.

Steps leading memorial for fallen of Punchbowl National Cemetery, Honolulu.

Steps leading  to memorial for fallen of Punchbowl National Cemetery, Honolulu. Photo Jim Steinhart 2006

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