Base Closings and American Militarism

President Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial-complex in his farewell address in 1961 which was basically an admonition that the militarisation of America would corrupt the society and acquire unwarranted power. Now consider this. The Pentagon wishes to close bases throughout the United States. It is key politicians, workers and community groups that are resisting this whether it is Ellsworth AFB, or the Submarine Base New London at Groton, Conn or the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine. Has it reached this point that this sick, violent society is so economically tethered to the evil monstrosity of militarism, that when the Pentagon itself seeks to downsize its obscene network of military bases, it is forced to overcome civilian opposition? Here you have Senator Joe Lieberman for example fighting to keep his job and those of his constituents in saving Groton.

The Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) Commission sends its recommendations to the White House. Congress then votes to accept or not accept the entire package. This is to force the prowar, proempire Congress to avoid nibbling here for this military pork project, or nibbling here on this Weapon of Mass Destruction launching B1-B base but to compel it to accept or reject the entire recommendation. There is no line-item veto if you will or nothing would ever get done as the Democratic-Republican prowar party would simply fight for their own district’s trough of the vicious and incompetent military war machine that has destroyed this country and its sense of justice and mission

Yes I have sympathy for those who will be unemployed. I recognise the trauma of job displacement or relocation. Yet we must reduce the size of the military, this monster that eats at our heart and steals from our children, our health care system, our education system and leads to more graves being dug with white crosses or what have you. All this violence, all this war, all these trillions spent to preserve the power of a few must be ended. It is a sorry commentary on a militarised democracy when its OWN military can’t reduce its size due to the economic dependency of the country upon it. Yet there are many examples when military bases are turned into housing, into recreation centers, into community centers when swords are converted into ploughshares.

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