H.N.N. Publishes Constitution Day Remarks

History News Network has generously featured my Constitution Day remarks on its Historians Roundup page. I had not known in advance of this prominent dissemination of my talk and was very flattered at their decision to do so. H.N.N. has been a very “intimate” part of my career since my suspension in 2002. They were one of the first to report on it in a manner that was objective, civil and impartial. H.N.N. also courageously invited me to publish articles of historical and contemporary issues shortly after my auto-da-fé which was primarily responsible for averting a possible McCarthyite blacklisting or academic-wide censorship of my progressive work. The views expressed in my remarks were presented as individual opinion and having not anticipated such a wide dissemination, such a disclaimer, however stupid and odious, is probably good sense as the ghost of McCarthyism always hovers above my shoulder.

Rick Shenkman, the editor, presidential historian and frequent guest on national cable shows has developed a website that  is ideologically neutral. It features articles and opinions from historians and other scholars that traverse the ideological spectrum. I am very grateful for this latest unsolicited gesture: running and featuring my Constiution Day remarks which it encountered on my blog.

Source: Peter N. Kirstein blog (9-15-09)

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