Kent State University: Like Haditha An American Atrocity When Ohio National Guard Kills Students On Their Own Campus.

May 4, 1970 John Filo, a journalism student  at Kent took this picture that won a Pulitzer Prize. Whether it is Haditha, My Lai, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, TokyoBasra, Falluja, the results are the same. Innocents or surrendering armies are killed by ruthless American military personnel AND their superiors who allow them and train them to devalue the protection of human life. Mary Vecchio, the woman looking at the dead body, was fourteen and a runaway from home.

Jeffrey Miller, the dead student, was a twenty-year old psychology major who was murdered by a 30 caliber bullet that shattered his skull. This is America at war. The military killing innocents abroad and at home. It is also the responsibility of the civilian leadership that allows the destruction of innocent human life by not considering the ethical implications of power projection on individuals far removed in terms of power, status and wealth. America! You need to mend your ways and stop this killing. Students have the right to protest war on their campus. It is their duty I believe and certainly one that should be protected and honoured.

For the record four were murdered by the Ohio National Guard that was not under attack or under any kind of threat at the time of the shootings.

Allison Krause 19 killed.
Sandra Scheuer 20 killed.

William Schroeder 19 was in R.O.T.C. and second in his class killed.

Mr Miller.
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