It’s Not Just Some Marines That Have Dishonoured The Nation in Iraq: Remember the Baby Killers in the ARMY at My Lai

Were these innocents a threat when slaughtered at My Lai during the Vietnam War?

Was stress caused by war a justification for this?
Was revenge an adequate explanation for such indiscriminate murder?
Oh, were some suspected insurgents, (VC) and so just kill anyone around?
Only war causes atrocities, we are told, and our military personnel would never act in such a sociopathic manner in the U.S.

Excuses are demeaning, inhumane and a disgrace. What we are seeing in the butchery and mass murder of pleading, innocent civilians and babies is typical of how the U.S. conducts war. These tragic events are the result of deliberate policy or a knowledge that higher ups will cover up such deeds as the dishonoured Marine Corps has done at Haditha.

As a veteran who wore the uniform of this country, I am ashamed that these events occur. Please note not one leader of the United States during My Lai or Haditha expressed a personal message of condolence or remorse to the Iraqi or Vietnamese families, if there were any surviviors, of the dead. I am waiting for the president to give a message that Haditha is a tragedy, that the little babies and children slaughtered by the marines represented a disgrace to the nation and that he would be willing to meet with families and relatives of the Iraqi casualties.

Do you want to know why after My Lai and Haditha the lack of contrition was manifest? The answer is if the government begins to restrict or delimit acceptable acts of carnage in war, it will constrain and narrow America's capacity to use its overwhelming military firepower at times and places of its own choosing. If the threat of massive destruction recedes even slightly, the national security elites will worry that their dominance might be threatened by other nation states that are resistant to subjecting their nations and cultures to "hegemonic stability." Also the Bush administration as the Nixon presidency is reluctant to aggressively prosecute war crimes for fear that the defendants might be themselves. This country is run by a criminal, violent element and it is time for us to recognise and act on this fact.

If the right wing wants to be prolife when it comes to abortion, then it is essential that it be prolife when real, live babies are killed. Waving the flag of patriotism is not enough to exculpate oneself of the sin of acceptance; those who are prolife need to demand an end to this criminal war and the bestial behaviour of many, although not all, "the troops" of whom it is alleged are facilitating the dissemination of democracy and freedom. The troops are only partially to blame. The government and the officers who sent them their to die and treat Arabs as subhumans are equally criminal and unworthy of being an American.
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