Judith A. Dwyer Receives Academic Freedom Award

November 6, 2009

SXU’s chapter of American Association of University Professors honors President Judith A. Dwyer, Ph.D. with an award recognizing her contributions to the chapter and to academic freedom on Nov. 4 in Rubloff Hall.

Under A.A.U.P. sponsorship, Dwyer has addressed the University community on a semi-annual basis for several years to enhance shared governance and academic freedom, which has been instrumental in directly discussing major issues of concern within the University.

Peter Kirstein, Ph.D., professor of history and vice president of the American Association of University Professors, Ill., said Dwyer has taken significant steps to ensure the academic freedom of those seeking to bring visiting speakers to campus, and defending the right to host controversial events on campus despite external protest.

“President Dwyer has intervened in some personnel matters that demonstrated courage and a commitment to due process and academic freedom,” said Kirstein. “The relationship between academic freedom and academic excellence is not always understood by university presidents. We have been fortunate to have a president that seeks the latter by protecting the former.”

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