Test Answers: Presidents Hussein & Bush: War Criminals? (A Quiz)

Which, if any, of these persons is a war criminal?

President Saddam Hussein

George W. Bush

1) Which of these persons invaded another country without justification?

Mr Bush in Iraq; President Hussein in Kuwait.

2) Which of these persons indiscriminately slaughtered civilians either within or outside of their national territory?

“Indiscriminate” is a loaded term but both clearly. Halabja with chemical weapons by Saddam and U.S. terrorism in 3rd year of Iraq crusade.

3) Which of these individuals seeks to use violence as a means of carrying out national policy?

President Hussein and Mr Bush

4) Which of these individuals was not elected or elected under highly irregular circumstances?

Saddam was not elected and Mr Bush was runner-up in the popular vote in 2000 and was named president by a 5-4 Republican majority on the Supreme Court. The election was basically fraudulent which is hardly surprising given the history of voting rights in this country.

5) Which of these individuals is not trustworthy and is known to frequently utter statements and proclamations that are not suggestive of veracity?

Both presidents.

6) Which of the two presidents lied about the presence of atomic, biological and chemical weapons in Iraq?

Certainly Mr Bush did in the runup to war and Saddam at other times concealed from various IAEA and other agencies his programmes. Yet he did not have these programmes at the time of Mister Bush’s unprovoked invasion.

7) Which of the two presidents did not desert his nation but stayed in his country to resist invaders or at least to evade them, but the other during a war either deserted or played very loosely with his military obligations?

President Saddam did not leave Iraq. He went to Tikrit and was found about nine months later hiding out. He had the courage to stay in country. Mr Bush’s record in the Air National Guard suggests when he moved from Texas to Alabama, there was a certain amount of hookey. It is fine with me for a man to avoid military commitments but this is an answer not an opinion necessarily.

8) Which of these individuals is the greatest threat to the international community?

Mr George Walker Bush.

9) Which of the two presidents is the least respected in the world today?

I would guess a worldwide sample of opinion today would probably place the Connecticut native Mr Bush in this category. Certainly the decline in the image and prestige of the U. S. is attributable to the Commander in Chief.

Some of the answers may apply to both or merely one of them. Take your time as you consider the comparative worth of these historic figures.

If you have time here is an extra credit question:
Which of the two was the most secular in terms of nation-state management and a commitment to a strict separation of church and state? In other words which of these two persons was least inclined to impose a religious orthodoxy on his nation?

President Saddam Hussein. He was one of the most secular Arab leaders in the region.

Good luck and remember. Peace is better than war. Life better than death!! Exams will be returned prior to your graduation.

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