Kalashnikov Assault Rifle Used to Cover Up Marine Murder in Hamdaniyah, May 25, 2006

Mozambique Flag 

When the mairnes, now prosecuted, killed an innocent, unarmed, lame fifty-two year old Arab male, they faked his murder by placing an AK-47 next to his body. Seven marines and one navy corpsman in that unit were taken out of Iraq and put in the brig at Camp Pendleton, Calif. They shot him four times at least in the face and then tried to make him look like a "terrorist" who was implanting a roadside explosive resistance device–a bomb. But the generals and senior officer corps are equally guilty in their conduct of this war and should be brought to justice.

Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony and one of the last to gain independence actually has an AK-47 on its flag!! I doubt if any other country has weaponry sewn into the flag.

47 is the year the assault weapon was refined and production initiated by Mickhail Kalashnikov. Actually he developed it during World War II for use on the eastern front but the war ended before it could be mass produced. It is the weapon of choice in national liberation struggles in about 50 countries.

In Vietnam, the AK-47 put many of those 58,000 soldiers on the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C. Unlike the M-16, this weapon would work in jungle conditions and drier ones without jamming all the time.

The newer version of this killing machine is the AK-74 which one can see in some of the videos of Osama bin Laden and the Hezbollah liberation movement in Lebanon.

Now how do we terminate the love affair with weapons that have a nostalgia like a classic Mustang or Camaro?

How do we get nations, particularly the U.S., to act responsibly as guardians of the Earth?

How do we redefine politics particularly in America as pandering less to violent nationalism and in developing a more conscious perspective of obligation and justice?

A nation that is arrogant and selfish cares little about global warming. That needs to change.

A nation that is arrogant and selfish cares little about its fuel consumption in which an inordinate amount is consumed by the military–particularly the Air Force.

A nation that is arrogant and selfish defines its national security in terms of requiring global domination and the elimination of all its adversaries. The reason why the U.S. has so many enemies unlike other countries is because of our terrorist, racist, immoral and indecent policies. It is a disgrace to be an American and to see this nation become nothing more than a violent, vicious superpower that is loathed and hated throughout the world.

But the struggle continues for peace and justice.  

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