Special Operations Forces Torture P.O.W. and Commit Barbaric Acts and as Usual Walk.

I have always wanted to know why Special Operations forces are considered "elite." Do they kill with more skill? Do they have greater intelligence? Do they wear prettier uniforms and berets? Are they tougher and meaner as they sneak around the world killing children of parents who did not happen to be borne in this country? Are they to be admired as killing machines? No I don't think so. I think war is wrong and we should not glorify the warrior who trains to kill and as we see below torture the innocent, harm the weak, kill the totally defenceless prisoners in their brutal prisons. These are American soldiers representing this country abroad?

In reading this account, we know many of them, not all certainly, are simply animals who are vicious killers and torturers. We also know that the military cannot investigate itself. It is too interested in recruitment and does not want to deter potential recruits from joining the military. Also as General Formica, makes clear, he is very tolerant of these actions and will not prosecute these thugs. Why, because they know senior military officers are part of this culture; they are fearful that the public admiration of them will cease if they prosecute their own and avoid covering up these acts. The military is an undemocratic organization that is incapable of policing itself as it disgraces this nation in their barbarous and despicable behaviour in Iraq.

This is an excerpt from the New York Times on continuing Geneva Convention transgressions well after Abu Ghraib horrors were revealed to the world:

"Special Operations interrogators gave some detainees only bread or crackers and water if they did not cooperate, according to the investigation, by Brig. Gen. Richard P. Formica of the Army. One prisoner was fed only bread and water for 17 days. Other detainees were locked for as many as seven days in cells so small that they could neither stand nor lie down, while interrogators played loud music that disrupted their sleep.

"The inquiry also determined that some detainees were stripped naked, drenched with water and then interrogated in air-conditioned rooms or in cold weather. General Formica said it appeared that members of the Navy Seals had used that technique in the case of one detainee who died after questioning in Mosul in 2004, but he reported that he had no specific allegations that the use of the technique was related to that death.

"General Formica found that in the third case at a Special Operations outpost, near Tikrit, in April and May 2004, three detainees were held in cells 4 feet high, 4 feet long and 20 inches wide, except to use the bathroom, to be washed or to be interrogated. He concluded that two days in such confinement "would be reasonable; five to seven days would not." Two of the detainees were held for seven days; one for two days, General Formica concluded."

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