Ishaqi: Another Coverup of Murder and Baby-killing is Possible


An Iraqi home or safe-house was destroyed by American imperialist forces on March 15, 2006:

Five women and four children were among the dead. One was according to Iraqi sources six-months old.

The Iraqi government has rejected the findings of a US military investigation into the deaths of 11 civilians in the village of Ishaqi, north of Baghdad.

A spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki said the report, which cleared the US soldiers of wrongdoing, was unfair. .


An Iraqi human-rights group claims that eleven civilians were just slaughtered in this cowardly attack and that a building was destroyed to conceal dead residents. This was in one account I read in the Chicago Tribune. The victims had gunshot wounds fired at close range.

Ishaqi is about fifty-five miles north of Baghdad, the capital of chaos and destruction that the U.S. created in their extermination invasion of March 19, 2003.

The military "investigated" and said there was no wrongful killing of civilians. What a country this is. The military that frequently kills indiscriminately for sport, investigates itself to see if wrongful killing of civilians occurred. I was not there but my money is on the Iraqi report. They got Haditha right when the marines tried to cover up that My Lai and so they have a good track record in reporting crusader violations of the laws of war.

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