HHC 1st Signal Brigade Visits Blog and D.P.R.K. Ballistic Missile Test

The empire is endless. These folks are in U.S. Army and are involved in communications and technology. I had never heard of them before but by following all my hits, I am getting a chilling tour of the endless stretch of the military. A world unto itself but a threat to the world due to the immoral, irresponsible adventurism and racism of the civilian leadership.

I have a feeling these folks who sent me this may be in Korea.

I blame the U.S. mostly for the deterioration in the security situation on the peninsula. The D.P.R.K. has tried unsuccessfully to have bilateral talks with the U.S. on nuclear and other security issues. The U.S. refuses and the D.P.R.K. becomes increasingly concerned about a U.S. attack upon it.

First of all, North Korea (D.P.R.K.) may or may not have fissile weapons. Its two-stage Taepodong 2 missile is hardly a threat to the U.S. unless the latter believes a nation would launch a first-strike nuclear attack with one weapon. Yes the D.P.R.K. did sign a moratorium on long-range ballistic missile testing in 1999 but only IF the U.S. entered into negotiations on the issue. The U.S. did not, typical of an arrogant if not self-destructive superpower, and this is the fruit of its obstinacy. A furtherance of a ballistic missile programme as a deterrent against the U.S.

If it does possess atomic weaponry, I doubt if it has weaponised an I.C.B.M. that can reach the U.S. Even if it has, it would not launch a single weapon against a third country knowing it would be suicidal and without military or political value. Yet I see the D.P.R.K.s missile programme as essentially defensive. The U.S. does not hesitate to test Ballistic Missile technology, (Read about Kwajalein Island for example) and simply wants to disarm its adversaries as it arms beyond a rational need. This is what a terrorist, violent superpower in a unipolar world seeks. Global domination, disarmament of its adversaries, and the right to use force of its own choosing.  A horrid approach from a country that used to have the respect and admiration of the world. Those days are gone.

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