“Don’t Forget My Name”: U.S. Concentration Camp Inmates at Guantánamo

This was Treblinka in Poland during World War II. It's beginning to appear that the U.S. has a role model in incarceration and mistreatment of detainees. Americans are supposed to worship and pray to the flag? I don't think so.


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abasin, Said Afghanistan Yes 24 Khan o Khel, Afghanistan  
Abulwance, Yamatolah Afghanistan Yes 29 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Achezkai, Haji Mohammed Khan Afghanistan Yes 29 Kabul, Afghanistan  
Adam Gul, Ataullah Afghanistan Yes 24 Khushawa, Afghanistan  
Ahmad, Abdul Afghanistan No 52 Roy E Sang, Afghanistan  
Ahmad, Noor Afghanistan Yes 33 Moqur, Afghanistan  
Ahmed, Feda

Afghanistan Yes 29 Kandahar, Afghanistan Yes
Ahmed, Shabir Afghanistan No 35 Badakhshan, Afghanistan  
Akhbar, Mohammad Afghanistan Yes 50 Ghowr Band, Afghanistan  
Akhtar Mohammed, Rostum Afghanistan Yes 26 Musa Qala, Afghanistan  
Al Ansari, Faris Muslim Afghanistan No 22 Mukala, Yemen  
Al Kunduzi, Umar Abdullah Afghanistan No 27 Konduz, Afghanistan  
Alikhan, Mahngur Afghanistan Yes 48 Gomal, Pakistan  
Alikozi, Amanullah Afghanistan Yes 31 Deh Raud, Afghanistan  
Aliza, Abdul Rauf Afghanistan No 25 Azan Village, Afghanistan  
Alizai, Nematullah Sahib-Khan Afghanistan Yes 48 Azan, Afghanistan  
Allah, Noor Afghanistan Yes 35 Uruzgan, Afghanistan  
Aman Afghanistan No 49 Malik Village Kardez, Afghanistan  
Andarr, Abdul Al-Hameed Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 39 Zormat, Afghanistan  
Asekzai, Azizullah Afghanistan Yes 26 Karez, Afghanistan  
Aslaam, Noor Afghanistan Yes 24 Warna, Pakistan  
Azimullah Afghanistan No 24 North Waziristan, Pakistan  
Badr, Badruzzan Afghanistan Yes 36 Jalalabad, Afghanistan  
Bagi, Abdul Afghanistan No 34 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Baqi, Abdul Afghanistan Yes 64 Tark Itmak, Afghanistan  
Barak, Fnu Afghanistan Yes 34 Surgay, Afghanistan  
Barakzai, Jon Mohammad Afghanistan Yes 39 Sarwan Qala, Afghanistan  
Baridad Afghanistan No 53 Helmand, Afghanistan  
Bismaullah, Fnu 2 Afghanistan Yes Unknown Baghran, Afghanistan  
Bismillah Afghanistan Yes 54 Oruzgan, Afghanistan  
Bismillah 2, Fnu Afghanistan Yes 38 Pirwan Siagird, Afghanistan  
Bismullah, Haji Afghanistan No 27 Musa Qala, Afghanistan  
Bullar, Mohi Afghanistan No 25 Urezgon, Afghanistan  
Chaman, Gul Afghanistan No 43 Osman, Hazro, Logar, Afghanistan  
Dad, Khudai Afghanistan No 49 Tarak, Afghanistan  
Daoud, Mohamman Afghanistan No 27 Emam Saheb, Afghanistan  
Darwaish, Naibullah

Afghanistan Yes 39 Jalazai, Afghanistan Yes
Din, Juma Afghanistan No 33 Alinghan, Afghanistan  
Edmondada, Abdullah Afghanistan Yes 46 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Ehsanullah Afghanistan Yes 33 Farah, Afghanistan  
Ehssanullah Afghanistan Yes 29 Sarwan Qala, Afghanistan  
Esmatulla, Fnu Afghanistan No 29 Dekundie, Afghanistan  
Esmhatulla, Qari Afghanistan No 22 Ramsha, Pakistan  
Far Huddine, Bar Afghanistan Yes 29 Tora Oba, Afghanistan  
Farhad, Din Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 30 Konduz, Afghanistan  
Farouq, Mohammed Nayim Afghanistan Yes 46 Zatoon Kahil, Afghanistan  
Fazl, Mullah Mohammad Afghanistan No 39 Charchno, Afghanistan  
Ghafaar, Abdul Afghanistan No 48 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Ghafour, Abdul Afghanistan No 44 Pattia Province, Afghanistan  
Ghafour, Shai Jahn Afghanistan Yes 37 Karabagh, Afghanistan  
Ghalib, Haji Afghanistan No 43 Nangarhar, Afghanistan  
Ghani, Abdul Afghanistan No 34 Afghanistan  
Ghani, Abdul 2 Afghanistan No 23 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Ghani, Nabu Abdul Afghanistan Yes 54 Shishawa, Afghanistan  
Ghofoor, Abdullah Afghanistan Yes 35 Keshai, Afghanistan  
Ghul, Nathi Afghanistan Yes 26 Afghanistan  
Ghul, Wazir Zalim Afghanistan Yes 29 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Ghuladkhan Afghanistan Yes 26 Jalalabad, Afghanistan  
Gul, Awal Afghanistan No 44 Sawati Ghundi  
Gul, Dawd Afghanistan No 26 Zedana, Afghanistan  
Gul, Janat

Afghanistan No 33 Sarpolad, Afghanistan Yes
Gul, Khi Ali Afghanistan No 43 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Gul, Mohammad Afghanistan Yes 44 Zamikhel, Afghanistan  
Gul Ghaman, Nasser Afghanistan No 26 Manikhel, Afghanistan  
Hafiz, Abdul Afghanistan No 45 Afghanistan  
Hafizullah, Fnu Afghanistan No 32 Afghanistan  
Hamdullah, Fnu Afghanistan Yes 32 Kushki Nakod, Afghanistan  
Hamidullah Afghanistan No 43 Kabul, Afghanistan  
Hamidullah, Fnu Afghanistan Yes 26 Konduz, Afghanistan  
Hanan, Abdul Afghanistan Yes 48 Ghazni, Afghanistan  
Hasan, Mirwais Afghanistan Yes 26 Afghanistan  
Hashim, Mohammed Afghanistan No 30 Qandahar, Afghanistan  
Hekmat, Abdullah Afghanistan No 34 Akhcha, Afghanistan  
Hezbullah, Fnu Afghanistan Yes 25 Miran Shah, Pakistan  
Insanullah, Fnu Afghanistan Yes 26 Afghanistan  
Ismail, Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 22 Dourbeni Village, Afghanistan  
Jalil, Haji

Afghanistan Yes 36 Bayanzai, Gereshk District, Afghanistan Yes
Jan, Said Amir Afghanistan No 26 Koozbia, Afghanistan  
Jan, Saida Afghanistan No Unknown Konar, Afghanistan  
Jawad, Mohamed Afghanistan No 21 Miran Shah, Pakistan  
Kabel, Mohamed Afghanistan Yes 43 Parvan Province, Afghanistan  
Kadir, Khandan Afghanistan No 37 Safra-andarikhail, Afghanistan  
Kahm, Abdul Rahman Abdullah Mohamed Juma Afghanistan No 37 Fara, Afghanistan  
Kakar, Mohammed Raz-Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 29 Khod, Afghanistan  
Kamin, Mohammed Afghanistan No 28 Unknown  
Kandahari, Kako Afghanistan No 36 Ghulayie, Afghanistan  
Karim, Abdul Afghanistan Yes 24 Sangin, Afghanistan  
Karim, Bostan Afghanistan No 36 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Khail, Hafizullah Shabaz Afghanistan No 60 Paktia, Afghanistan  
Khairkhwa, Khirullah Said Wali Afghanistan No 39 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Khan, Abdullah Afghanistan No 50 Ghawchak, Afghanistan  
Khan, Alif Afghanistan Yes 38 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Khan, Anwar Afghanistan No 39 Konar, Afghanistan  
Khan, Ezat Afghanistan Yes 40 Sei, Afghanistan  
Khan, Hazrat Sangin Afghanistan Yes 29 Lowal, Afghanistan  
Khan, Hukumra

Afghanistan Yes 32 Chenna Village, Afghanistan Yes
Khan, Janan Taus Afghanistan Yes 25 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Khan, Juma Afghanistan Yes 34 Kona Charbolak, Afghanistan  
Khan, Kakai Afghanistan No 35 Gardez, Afghanistan  
Khan, Mohabet Afghanistan No 34 Alipoor, Pakistan  
Khan, Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 24 Shah Toria, Afghanistan  
Khan, Osman Afghanistan Yes 54 Bermel, Afghanistan  
Khan, Shardar Afghanistan No 24 Gardez, Afghanistan  
Khan, Shawali Afghanistan No 43 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Khan, Swar Afghanistan No 36 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Khan, khan, haji Afghanistan No 71 Kabul, Afghanistan  
Khirullah Akah Afghanistan Yes Unknown Afghanistan  
Kuchi, Haji Niam Afghanistan Yes 66 Logar, Afghanistan  
Layar, Sabit Afghanistan Yes 25 Sawali Khot, Afghanistan  
Lnu, Amanullah Afghanistan Yes 43 Unknown  
Lnu, Sharifullah Afghanistan No 26 Jalalabad, Afghanistan  
Malang, Nassir Afghanistan Yes 34 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Matin, Abdul Afghanistan No 41 Jowzjan, Afghanistan  
Melma, Sabar Lal Afghanistan No 44 Darya-e-Pech, Afghanistan  
Mirmuhammad, Sharghulab Afghanistan Yes 34 Brayiam, Afghanistan  
Mohammad, Akhtar Afghanistan Yes Unknown Unknown  
Mohammad, Akhtiar Afghanistan No 53 Kundarkheil, Afghanistan  
Mohammadullah Afghanistan Yes 32 Manu, Afghanistan  
Mohammed, Akhtar Afghanistan No 36 Barogai, Afghanistan  
Mohammed, Alif Afghanistan No 60 Helmand, Afghanistan  
Mohammed, Haji Faiz Afghanistan Yes Unknown Rasham Village, Afghanistan  
Mohammed, Haji Wali Afghanistan No 40 Baghlan, Afghanistan  
Mohammed, Mirza Afghanistan Yes 42 Gorband, Afghanistan  
Mohammed, Rasool Shahwali Zair Mohammed

Afghanistan No 28 Lowara, Afghanistan Yes
Mohammed, Said Afghanistan No 29 Afghanistan  
Mohammed, Sultan Afghanistan Yes 30 Qal eh, Afghanistan  
Mohammed, Taj Afghanistan No 25 Afghanistan  
Mohammed, Wali Afghanistan Yes 42 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Muhammed, Peta Afghanistan Yes 21 Gardez, Afghanistan  
Muhibullah, Fnu Afghanistan No 24 Shah Wali Koot, Afghanistan  
Mujahid Afghanistan No 35 Paktia, Afghanistan  
Muslimdost, Abdul Rahim

Afghanistan Yes 46 Nangarhar, Afghanistan Yes
Must, Yarass Ali Afghanistan Yes 34 Unknown  
Naserullah, Fnu Afghanistan No 26 Helmand, Afghanistan  
Nasim, Mohammad

Afghanistan Yes 33 Shahidan, Afghanistan Yes
Nasim, Mohammed Afghanistan No 44 Pai Warzai, Afghanistan  
Nasim, Mohammed Afghanistan No 26 Megan, Afghanistan  
Nasir, Abdul Afghanistan No 25 Kabul, Afghanistan  
Nasir, Allah Afghanistan No 59 Zalahka, Afghanistan  
Nasrat Yar, Hiztullah Afghanistan No 36 Surubee, Afghanistan  
Nasrullah, Fnu Afghanistan No 27 Oruzgan, Afghanistan  
Noor, Habib

Afghanistan Yes 38 Mangal Village, Afghanistan Yes
Noorallah, Haji Afghanistan No 35 Andkhoy, Afghanistan  
Noorani, Abdul Rahman Afghanistan Yes 33 Afghanistan  
Noori, Mullah Norullah Afghanistan No 39 Shajoie, Afghanistan  
Obaidullah Afghanistan No 26 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Omari, Mohammad Nabi Afghanistan No 38 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Peerzai, Qari Hasan Ulla Afghanistan No 29 Baghran, Afghanistan  
Quasam, Mohammed Afghanistan No 29 Bamian, Afghanistan  
Qudus, Abdul Afghanistan Yes 18 Nadali, Afghanistan  
Rahim, Abdul Afghanistan Yes 31 Sharshar, Afghanistan  
Rahim, Mohamed Afghanistan No Unknown Ghazni, Afghanistan  
Rahmad, Nisar Afghanistan Yes 26 Afghanistan  
Rahman, Abdul Afghanistan No 30 Haji Baras, Afghanistan  
Rahman, Fizaulla Afghanistan No 28 Sancharak, Afghanistan  
Rahman, Habib Afghanistan No 24 Mansaira, Pakistan  
Rahman, Mahbub Afghanistan No 21 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Rahman, Murtazah Abdul Afghanistan Yes 30 Nadali, Afghanistan  
Rahman, Shed Abdur

Afghanistan Yes 41 Pishin, Pakistan Yes
Rahmatullah, Fnu Afghanistan Yes 25 Helmand, Afghanistan  
Rasool, Habib Afghanistan No 51 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Rasoul, Abdullah Gulam Afghanistan No 33 Hilmand, Afghanistan  
Raz, Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 37 Unknown  
Razak, Abdul Afghanistan No 48 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Razaq, Abdul Afghanistan Yes 35 Tashkent, Uzbekistan  
Razzak, Abdul Afghanistan No 67 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Razzaq, Abdul Afghanistan No 42 Kadahal, Afghanistan  
Ruhani, Gholam Afghanistan No 31 Ghazni, Afghanistan  
Sadik, Mahmud Afghanistan Yes 54 Unknown  
Sadiq, Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 93 Unknown  
Salaam, Abdul Afghanistan No 31 Birmal, Afghanistan  
Samad, Abdul Afghanistan Yes 24 Zormat, Afghanistan  
Sangaryar, Rahmatullah Afghanistan No 38 Oruzgan, Afghanistan  
Sarajuddin, Abib Afghanistan No 64 Zamikhel, Afghanistan  
Sargidene, Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 29 Archasan, Afghanistan  
Sarwar, Kari Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 28 Ashakay Village, Afghanistan  
Sayed, Abdul Hadi Muhamed Rasul Afghanistan Yes 33 Helmand, Afghanistan  
Shah, Ali Afghanistan No 47 Gardez, Afghanistan  
Shah, Nahir Afghanistan No 33 Kaplsa, Afghanistan  
Shah, Qalandar

Afghanistan Yes 33 Kandahar, Afghanistan Yes
Shah, Said Mohammed Alim Afghanistan Yes 28 Helmand, Afghanistan  
Shah, Solaiman Dur Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 29 Panjwaee, Afghanistan  
Shah, Zakim Afghanistan Yes 23 Tora Oba, Afghanistan  
Shaheen Shahwali Zair Mohammed, Naqeebyllah

Afghanistan Yes 30 Khowst, Afghanistan Yes
Shahzada, Haji

Afghanistan Yes 47 Belanday, Afghanistan Yes
Sharbat Afghanistan No 33 Khairo Village, Afghanistan  
Sharif, Mohammed Afghanistan No 30 Kalina, Afghanistan  
Sohail, Mohammed Mustafa Afghanistan No 25 Jalalabad, Afghanistan  
Tahir, Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 31 Mirkhan Khail, Afghanistan  
Torjan, Shaibjan Afghanistan No 29 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Tukhi, Aminullah Baryalai Afghanistan Yes 34 Heart, Afghanistan  
Ullah, Amin Afghanistan No 50 Chogha, Afghanistan  
Ullah, Asad Afghanistan Yes 18 Paktia, Afghanistan  
Ullah, Faiz Afghanistan No 50 Bamian, Afghanistan  
Ullah, Naqib Afghanistan Yes 18 Zargary Camp, Pakistan  
Ullah, Noor Habib Afghanistan Yes 26 Jalalabad, Afghanistan  
Ullah, Shams Afghanistan No 20 Gulnoom Khan, Afghanistan  
Wahab, Abdul Afghanistan No 38 Afghanistan  
Waheed, Abdul Afghanistan Yes 34 Musa Qala, Afghanistan  
Wakil, Haji Sahib Rohullah Afghanistan No 44 Jalalabad, Afghanistan  
Wali, Badshah Afghanistan Yes 29 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Walijan, Neyaz Afghanistan Yes 44 Khowst, Afghanistan  
Wasiq, Abdul Haq Afghanistan No 35 Ghazni, Afghanistan  
Wazir, Abdullah Afghanistan No 27 Sheikh Amir, Afghanistan  
Wazir, Haji Mohammed Afghanistan Yes 63 Lashkargh City, Afghanistan  
Wazir, Padsha

Afghanistan Yes 34 Kundai, Afghanistan Yes
Yacoub, Mohammed Afghanistan No 30 Khwazak, Afghanistan  
Yakubi Afghanistan No 40 Gardiz, Afghanistan  
Yaqub, Mohammed Yusif Afghanistan Yes Unknown Nimbrooz, Afghanistan  
Yar, Kushky Afghanistan No 43 Lejay Village, Afghanistan  
Yousef, Mohammed Haji Afghanistan Yes 39 Bermal, Afghanistan  
Zaeef, Abdul Salam Afghanistan No 39 Kandahar, Afghanistan  
Zahir, Abdul

Afghanistan No 34 Hasarak, Afghanistan  
Zahir, Mohommod Afghanistan No 53 Ghazni, Afghanistan  
Zahor, Abdul Afghanistan No 42 Charikar, Afghanistan  
Zaman, Gul

Afghanistan No 35 Khowst, Afghanistan Yes
Zaman, Khan Afghanistan Yes 44 Zani Khel, Afghanistan  
Zumarikourt, Aziz Khan Ali Khan Afghanistan Yes 44 Mushkail, Afghanistan  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abdenour, Sameur Algeria No 33 Algiers, Algeria  
Ait Idr, Mustafa Algeria No 36 Sidimhamed, Algeria  
Al Hajj, Boudella Algeria No 41 Laghouat, Algeria  
Al Qadir, Mohammed Abd Al Algeria No 30 Taot, Algeria  
Ameur, Mammar Algeria No 48 L'aghouat, Algeria  
Ameziane, Djamel Saiid Ali Algeria No 39 Al Jesera, Algeria  
Barhoumi, Sufyian

Algeria No 33 Algiers, Algeria  
Bel Bacha, Ahmed Bin Saleh Algeria No 37 Algiers, Algeria  
Belkacem, Bensayah Algeria No 44 Wargala, Algeria  
Bin Hamlili, Adil Hadi Al Jazairi Algeria No 31 Oram, Algeria  
Boucetta, Fethi

Algeria No 43 Mostaganem, Egypt Yes
Boumediene, Lakhdar Algeria No 40 Ain Soltgane Saeda, Algeria  
Farhi, Saiid Algeria No 45 Churchelle, Algeria  
Feghoul, Abdulli Algeria No 46 Tiaret, Algeria  
Hadjarab, Nabil Algeria No 27 Aentaya, Algeria  
Hamlily, Mustafa Ahmed Algeria No 47 Bashare, Algeria  
Houari, Abdul Raham Algeria No 26 Algiers, Algeria  
Husseini, Abdallah Algeria No 48 Algiers, Algeria  
Huwari, Soufian Abar Algeria No 36 Ouran, Algeria  
Lahmar, Sabir Mahfouz Algeria No 37 Constantine, Algeria  
Naji, Aziz Abdul Algeria No 31 Batna, Algeria  
Nechle, Mohammed Algeria No 38 Laghouat, Algeria  
Said, Hassan Mujamma Rabai Algeria No 30 Oum el Bouaghi, Algeria  
Sayab, Mutij Sadiz Ahmad Algeria No 30 Unknown  
Zumiri, Hassan Algeria No 39 Algiers, Algeria  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Habib, Mamdouh Ibrahim Ahmed Australia Yes 51 Alexandria, Egypt  
Hicks, David Matthew

Australia No 35 Adelaide, Australia  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Tsiradzho, Poolad T Azerbaijan No 31 Baku, Azerbaijan  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Al Balushi, Salah Abdul Rasul Ali Abdul Rahman Bahrain No 25 Muharraq, Bahrain  
Al Dosari, Juma Mohammed Abdul Latif Bahrain No 33 Khabar, Saudi Arabia  
Al Khalifa, Sheikh Salman Ebrahim Mohamed Ali Bahrain Yes 27 Rifah, Bahrain  
Al Murbati, Issa Ali Abdullah Bahrain No 41 Manama, Bahrain  
Al Noaimi, Abdullah Bahrain Yes 24 Manama, Bahrain  
Al Wadi, Adil Kamil Abdullah Bahrain Yes 42 Muharak, Bahrain  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Hashem, Mubarak Hussain Bin Abul Bangladesh No 28 Baria, Bangladesh  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Sen, Mesut Belgium Yes 26 Brussels, Belgium  
Zemmori, Mosa Zi Belgium Yes 28 Wilryk, Belgium  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Khadr, Abdul Canada Yes 25 Unknown  
Khadr, Omar Ahmed

Canada No 20 Toronto, Canada  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Al Qarani, Muhammed Hamid Chad No 20 Medina, Saudi Arabia  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abbas, Yusef China No 26 Aksu, China  
Abdul Rahman, Abdul Ghappar China No 33 Kucha, China  
Abdulahat, Emam China No 29 Konashahar, China  
Abdulghupur, Hajiakbar China No 32 Ghulja, China  
Abdulhehim, Adel

China Yes 32 Ghulja, China Yes
Abdulqadirakhun, Abdullah China No 27 Xinjian, China  
Abdurehim, Dawut China No 32 Ghulja, China  
Adil, Ahmed

China Yes 33 Kashkar, China Yes
Anvar, Hassan China No 32 Urumchi, China  
Ayub, Haji Mohammed China Yes 22 Toqquztash, China Yes
Basit, Akhdar Qasem

China Yes 33 Ghulja, China Yes
Khalik, Saidullah China No 29 Ghulja, China  
Mahmud, Arkin China No 42 Ghulja, China  
Mahnut, Bahtiyar China No 30 Ghulja, China  
Mamut, Abdul Helil China No 29 Kashkar, China  
Mohamed, Ahmed China No 28 Artush, China  
Mohammed, Nag China No 31 Khulga, China  
Noori, Adel China No 27 Xing Xiang, China  
Parhat, Hozaifa China No 35 Ghulja, China  
Qassim, Abu Bakker China Yes 37 Ghulja, China Yes
Razak, Abdul China No Unknown Atush, China  
Tourson, Ahmad China No 35 Xinjiang, China  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abderrahmane, Slimane Hadj Denmark Yes 33 Roskilde, Denmark  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Al Mishad, Sharif Fati Ali Egypt No 30 Shabin El Kom, Egypt  
Al Sawah, Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed Egypt No 49 Alexandria, Egypt  
Al-Waleeli, Fael Roda Egypt Yes 40 Mansura, Egypt  
Algazzar, Adel Fattough Ali Egypt No 41 Cairo, Egypt  
Allaithy, Sami Abdul Aziz Salim

Egypt Yes 50 Shubrakass, Egypt Yes
Salim, Ala Abdel Maqsud Muhammad Egypt No 39 Al-Bajoor, Egypt Yes


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Binyam, Mohammed Ahmed

Ethiopia No 28 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Achab Kanouni, Imad France Yes 29 Casablanco, Morocco  
Benchellali, Mourad France Yes 25 Venissieu, France  
Khalid, Ridouane France Yes 39 Villenoble, France  
Mustafa, Khaled Ben France Yes 34 Lyons, France  
Patel, Ali Mustafa

France Yes 44 Medina, Saudi Arabia Yes
Sassi, Nizar France Yes 27 Lyons, France  
Yadel, Brahim France Yes 35 Aubervilliers, France  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Bamari, Bakhtiar Iran Yes 25 Damon, Iran  
Kurd, Mohamed Anwar Iran Yes 27 Zahedan, Iran  
Muhammed, Abdul Majid Iran No 27 Zahedan, Iran  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abdul Said, Hassan Iraq No 30 Basra, Iraq  
Al Karim, Arkan Mohammad Ghafil Iraq No 30 Dekar, Iraq  
Al Naely, Abbas Habid Rumi Iraq No 38 Al Amin, Iraq  
Al Rawi, Bisher Amin Khalil Iraq No 37 Baghdad, Iraq  
Al Tamimi, Haydar Jabbar Hafez Iraq No 33 Kute, Iraq  
Mohhamed, Sohab Mahud Iraq No 25 Piboss, Iraq  
Sadkhan, Jawad Jabber Iraq No 39 Diwaniya, Iraq  
Tayeea, Ali Abdul Motalib Awayd Hassan Al Iraq No Unknown Baghdad, Iraq  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abdul Hamid, Hassan Khalil Mohamoud Jordan Yes 45 Amman, Jordan  
Abdul Wahab Al Asmr, Khalid Mahomoud

Jordan Yes 43 Irbid, Jordan Yes
Ahmad, Osam Abdul Rahan Jordan Yes 30 Al-Zarqa, Jordan  
Al Amrani, Ayman Mohammad Silman Jordan Yes 28 Muthalthal Ardha, Jordan  
Al Husayn, Zaid Muhamamd Sa'Ad Jordan No 32 Amman, Jordan  
Elbanna, Abdul Latif Jordan No 54 Jericho, Turkey  
Kabir, Usama Hassan Ahmed Abu Jordan No 36 Al Rusayfa, Jordan  
Suleyman, Ahmed Hassan Jamil Jordan No 45 Amman, Jordan  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abahanov, Yakub Kazakhstan No Unknown Semeya, Kazakhstan  
Kerimbakiev, Abdulrahim Kazakhstan No 23 Semei, Kazakhstan  
Magrupov, Abdullah Tohtasinovich Kazakhstan No 23 Semeya, Kazakhstan  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Al Ajmi, Abdallah Saleh Ali Kuwait Yes 28 Almadi, Kuwait  
Al Awda, Fouzi Khalid Abdullah Kuwait No 29 Kuwait City, Kuwait  
Al Azmi, Sa Ad Madi Sa Ad Kuwait Yes 27 Doha, Kuwait  
Al Dehani, Mohammad Finaytal Kuwait Yes 41 Kuwait City, Kuwait  
Al Kandari, Faiz Mohammed Ahmed Kuwait No 31 Kuwait City, Kuwait  
Al Mutayri, Khalid Abdullah Mishal Thamer Kuwait Yes 31 Kuwait City, Kuwait  
Al Rabia, Fouad Mahoud Hasan Kuwait No 47 Kuwait City, Kuwait  
Al Shamari, Abd Al Aziz Sayir Kuwait Yes 33 Al Fahahil, Kuwait  
Al-Zamel, 'Adel Zamel 'Abd Al-Mahsen Kuwait Yes 43 Kuwait City, Kuwait  
Amin, Omar Rajab Kuwait No 39 Kuwait City, Kuwait  
Amtiri, Nasser Najiri Kuwait No 29 Mahwa, Kuwait  
Kamel, Abdullah Kamel Abudallah Kuwait No 33 Hawalli, Kuwait  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Diyab, Jihad Ahmed Mujstafa Lebanon No 35 Jedeta, Lebanon  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abdelrahan, Abdelrazak Ali Libya No Unknown Unknown  
Abdelrahman, Abdelrazak Ali Libya No 36 Al Jilat, Libya  
Abu Al Qusin, Abdul Rauf Omar Mohammed Libya No 41 Tripoli, Libya  
Abu Bakr, Omar Khalifa Mohammed Libya No 34 Al Bayda, Libya  
Al Futuri, Muhammad Abd Allah Mansur Libya No 38 Al Rimi, Yemen  
Al Ghazzawi, Abdel Hamid Ibn Abdussalem Ibn Mifte Libya No 44 Tripoli, Libya  
Ali Bakush, Ismael Ali Faraj Libya No 38 Al-Khumas, Libya  
Bin Qumu, Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda Libya No 47 Darna, Libya  
Deghayes, Omar Amer Libya No 37 Tripoli, Libya  
Ghereby, Salem Abdul Salem Libya No 45 Zletan, Saudi Arabia  
Sultan, Ashraf Salim Abd Al Salam Libya No 35 Jedda, Saudi Arabia  
Zeidan, Ibrahim Mahdy Achmed Libya No 30 Sorman, Libya  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Fauzee, Ibrahim Maldives Yes 28 Thulhaadhoo, Maldives Yes


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Aziz, Ahmed Abdel Mauritania Yes 36 Atar, Mauritania  
Mohammad, Mohammad Lameen Sidi Mauritania No 25 Zandeer, Niger  
Slahi, Mohamedou Ould Mauritania No 36 Rosso, Mauritania  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Ahmad, Abdullah Tabarak Morocco Yes 51 Casablanca, Morocco  
Al Shakouri, Radwan Morocco Yes 34 Asafi, Morocco  
Awzar, Mohamed Ibrahim Morocco Yes 27 Koreebja, Morocco  
Ben Moujan, Muhammad Morocco No 25 Dar Bida, Morocco  
Boujaadia, Said Morocco No 38 Casablanca, Morocco  
Dergoul, Tarek Morocco Yes 29 Mile End, United Kingdom  
Hassan, Muhammad Hussein Ali Morocco No 40 Selwan, Morocco  
Ikassrin, Laacin Morocco No 34 Targist, Morocco  
Lahassimi, Najib Mohammad Morocco Yes 28 Sattat, Morocco  
Mizouz, Mohammed Morocco Yes 33 Casablanca, Morocco  
Nasir, Abdul Latif Morocco No 41 Casablanca, Morocco  
Rashidi, Ahmed Morocco No 40 Tangier, Morocco  
Shakaran, Ibrahim Bin Morocco Yes 27 Casablanca, Morocco  
Shokuri, Yunis Abdurrahman Morocco No 38 Asafi, Morocco  
Souleimani Laalmai, Mohamad Morocco Yes 30 Casablanca, Morocco  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abas, Mohammad Pakistan Yes Unknown Village 426, Pakistan  
Abu Rahman, Abdul Rabbani Abd Al Rahim Pakistan No 37 Unknown  
Ahmad, Bashir Pakistan Yes 30 Chah Kote Wala, Pakistan  
Ahmad, Sultan Pakistan Yes 22 Sargodha, Pakistan  
Ahmed, Ali Pakistan Yes 24 Baluchistan, Pakistan  
Ahmed, Saghir Pakistan Yes 31 Sargodha, Pakistan  
Ahmed, Sar Faraz Pakistan Yes 40 Lahore, Pakistan  
Akbar, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 33 Helmand, Afghanistan  
Al-Deen, Jamal Muhammad Pakistan / Bangladesh Yes 39 Feni, Bangladesh  
Ali, Said Saim Pakistan Yes 29 Karachi, Pakistan  
Alikhel, Sha Mohammed Pakistan Yes 25 Swaat, Pakistan  
Amin, Aminulla Pakistan Yes Unknown Chaman, Pakistan  
Ansar, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 25 Jalan Makhdoom, Pakistan  
Anwar, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 26 Pakistan  
Ashraf, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 26 Kalaswala, Pakistan  
Ayub, Haseeb Pakistan Yes 32 Budho, Pakistan  
Ayubi, Salahodin Pakistan Yes 32 Lahore, Pakistan  
Fazaldad, Fnu Pakistan No 24 Atian, Pakistan  
Fiyatullah, Kay Pakistan Yes 23 Narmasperlay, Pakistan  
Hafez, Khalil Rahman Pakistan No 22 Punjab, Pakistan  
Hudin, Salah Pakistan / Afghanistan Yes 24 Jalalabad, Afghanistan  
Ijaz, Mohammed Pakistan Yes Unknown Blonoval, Pakistan  
Ilyas, Mohammad Pakistan Yes 64 Taman, Pakistan  
Iqbal, Faik Pakistan Yes 24 Karachi, Pakistan  
Iqbal, Zafar Pakistan Yes 23 Sambal, Pakistan  
Irfan, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 24 Bahalwapur, Pakistan  
Irfan, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 27 Punjab, Pakistan  
Ishaq, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 23 Panjgoor, Pakistan  
Khan, Bacha Pakistan Yes 34 Bajawor, Pakistan  
Khan, Ejaz Ahmad Pakistan Yes 31 Mardan, Pakistan  
Khan, Hamood Ullah Pakistan Yes 35 Hyberabad, Pakistan  
Khan, Isa Pakistan Yes 31 Bannu, Pakistan  
Khan, Mohammad Kashef Pakistan Yes 27 Karachi, Pakistan  
Khan, Muhammed Ijaz Pakistan No 30 Kafilgarh, Pakistan  
Khan, Tariq Pakistan Yes 28 Village 426, Pakistan  
Khan, Tila Mohammed Pakistan Yes 26 Wazierstan, Pakistan  
Madni, Hafez Qari Mohamed Saad Iqbal Pakistan No 29 Pakistan  
Manzu, Hafice Leqeat Pakistan Yes 29 Kanaval District, Pakistan  
Mehmood, Majid Pakistan Yes 27 Bahawal District, Pakistan  
Mohammad, Tarik Pakistan Yes 34 Kohat, Pakistan  
Mohammed, Ali Pakistan Yes 54 Rahamibad, Pakistan  
Mohhamed, Hanif Pakistan Yes 24 Adda Shenal, Pakistan  
Mowla, Abdul Pakistan Yes 37 Malakan District, Pakistan  
Nafeesi, Abdul Satar Pakistan Yes 35 Miachinu, Pakistan  
Naseer, Munir Bin Pakistan Yes 28 Karachi, Pakistan  
Noman, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 29 Pakistan  
Omar, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 20 Larkana, Pakistan  
Paracha, Saifullah Pakistan No 59 Mongwal, Pakistan  
Rabbani, Mohammed Ahmad Ghulam Pakistan No 36 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Rafiq, Mohammed Pakistan No 26 Kabal, Pakistan  
Raza, Abid Pakistan No 25 Digary Sindh, Pakistan  
Raza, Mohammed Arshad Pakistan Yes 26 Bahawal Nagar, Pakistan  
Raziq, Abdul Pakistan Yes 34 Kot Marakand, Pakistan  
Sadiqi, Abdul Halim Pakistan No 38 Pakistan  
Saeed, Hafiz Ihsan Pakistan Yes 28 Lahore, Pakistan  
Safollah, Ghaser Zaban Pakistan Yes 27 Madanchak, Pakistan  
Sanghir, Mohammad Pakistan Yes 54 Kohestan, Afghanistan  
Sattar, Abdul Pakistan No 25 Bumb, Pakistan  
Sayed, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 33 Abbotabad, Pakistan  
Sultan, Zahid Pakistan Yes 25 Abdabot, Pakistan  
Tariq, Mohammed Pakistan Yes 33 Alladand Dehry, Pakistan  
Ul Haq, Israr Pakistan Yes 26 Topi, Pakistan  
Ul Shah, Zia Pakistan No 30 Karachi, Pakistan  
Ullah, Asad Pakistan Yes 25 Swahbi, Pakistan  
Urayman, Sajin Pakistan Yes 22 Gujaranwala, Pakistan  
Usman, Shabidzada Pakistan Yes 24 Malal, Pakistan  
Wali, Jihan Pakistan Yes 39 Diir, Pakistan  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Al Aasmi, Assem Matruq Mohammad Palestine / Saudi Arabia No 26 Khan Younis, Israel  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Al Marri, Jaralla Saleh Mohammed Kahla Qatar No 33 Doha, Qatar  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Akhmyarov, Rustam Russia Yes 27 Chelyabinsk, Russia  
Gumarov, Ravil Shafeyavich Russia Yes 44 Gushva, Russia  
Hassam, Zakirjan

Russia No 32 Saratov, Russia Yes
Ishmurat, Timur Ravilich Russia Yes 31 Azenakai, Russia  
Kafkas, Abdullah D. Russia Yes 22 Prohladsk, Russia  
Mingazov, Ravil Russia No 39 Bolsheretski, Russia  
Odijev, Ruslan Anatolivich Russia Yes 33 Prolandnom, Russia  
Sharipov, Almasm Rabilavich Russia Yes 35 Avzion, Russia  
Vahitov, Aiat Nasimovich Russia Yes 29 Naberyozhnyj, Russia  

Saudi Arabia

Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abd Al-Razaq, Abdallah Hamid Ibrahim Al-Sharikh Saudi Arabia No 22 Shaqara, Saudi Arabia  
Abdel Aziz, Abdullah Muhammed Saudi Arabia No 39 Al Medina Menawa, Saudi Arabia  
Ahmed, Abdul Rahman Uthman Saudi Arabia No 33 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Ahmed Zaid Salim Zuhair Saudi Arabia No 33 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Al Amri, Abd Al Rahman Moaza Zafer Saudi Arabia No 28 Arar, Saudi Arabia  
Al Amri, Abdul Rahman Ma Ath Thafir Saudi Arabia No 33 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Al Anazi, Sultan Sari Sayel Saudi Arabia No 32 Sakaka, Saudi Arabia  
Al Atabi, Bijad Thif Allah Saudi Arabia No 35 Saajer, Saudi Arabia  
Al Awfi, Mazin Salih Musaid Saudi Arabia No 27 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Al Baddah, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz Saudi Arabia No 24 Quia, Saudi Arabia  
Al Balushi, Salah Abdul Rasul Ali Abdul Saudi Arabia No 26 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Al Barakat, Khalid Hassan Husayn Saudi Arabia No 31 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Bawardi, Khalid Saud Abd Al Rahman Saudi Arabia No 29 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Bedani, Abdul Khaled Ahmed Sahleh Saudi Arabia No 23 Taif, Saudi Arabia  
Al Bidna, Sa Ad Ibraham Sa Ad Saudi Arabia No 28 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Bihani, Tolfiq Nassar Ahmed Saudi Arabia No 34 Tabuk, Saudi Arabia  
Al Darbi, Ahmed Muhammed Haza Saudi Arabia No 31 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Al Dubaikey, Bessam Muhammed Saleh Saudi Arabia No 28 Qasim, Saudi Arabia  
Al Farha, Said Ali Saudi Arabia No 27 Bahir, Saudi Arabia  
Al Fayfi, Jabir Jubran Saudi Arabia No 31 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Al Fouzan, Fahd Muhammed Abdullah Saudi Arabia No 23 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Frih, Majed Hamad Saudi Arabia No 26 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Ghatani, Khalid Malu Shia Saudi Arabia No 23 Al Arib, Saudi Arabia  
Al Harazi, Fahed Saudi Arabia No 28 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Harbi, Ghanim Abdul Rahman Saudi Arabia No 32 Khobar, Saudi Arabia  
Al Harbi, Majid Abdallah Husayn Muhammad Al Samluli Saudi Arabia No 26 Jedda, Saudi Arabia  
Al Harbi, Mohamed Atiq Awayd Saudi Arabia No 33 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Harbi, Mohammed Abdullah Saudi Arabia No 27 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Harbi, Salim Suliman Saudi Arabia No 38 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Harbi, Tariqe Shallah Hassan Saudi Arabia No 23 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Al Hataybi, Abdul Rahman Nashi Badi Saudi Arabia No -7174 Dehman, Saudi Arabia  
Al Hizani, Abd Saudi Arabia No 30 Riyahd, Saudi Arabia  
Al Hubayshi, Khalid Sulaymanjaydh Saudi Arabia No 31 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Al Jabri, Bandar Ahmad Mubarak Saudi Arabia No 27 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Joudi, Majeed Abdullah Saudi Arabia No 39 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Juaid, Abdul Rahman Owaid Mohammad Saudi Arabia No 26 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Al Juhani, Muhamad Naji Subhi Saudi Arabia No 39 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Al Jutayli, Fahd Salih Sulayman Saudi Arabia No 23 Burayada, Saudi Arabia  
Al Kabi, Jamil Ali Saudi Arabia No 33 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Khaldi, Abdul Aziz Saad Saudi Arabia No 27 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Khalif, Hani Saiid Mohammad Saudi Arabia No 34 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Kurash, Muhammad Abd Al Rahman Saudi Arabia No 29 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Al Mahayawi, Saud Dakhil Allah Muslih Saudi Arabia No 30 Jedda, Saudi Arabia  
Al Malki, Saed Khatem Saudi Arabia No 37 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Matrafi, Abdallah Aiza Saudi Arabia No 42 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Morghi, Khalid Abdallah Abdel Rahman Saudi Arabia No 36 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Mousa, Abdul Hakim Abdul Rahman Abduaziz Saudi Arabia No 30 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Muri, Khalid Rashd Ali Saudi Arabia No 31 Khafji, Saudi Arabia  
Al Nasir, Abd Al Aziz Muhammad Ibrahim Saudi Arabia No 26 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Nasir, Faizal Saha Saudi Arabia No 26 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Nasir, Ibrahim Muhammed Ibrahim Saudi Arabia No 24 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Noofayaee, Abdalaziz Kareem Salim Saudi Arabia No 30 Al Shafa, Saudi Arabia  
Al Nurr, Anwar Saudi Arabia No 29 Toraif, Saudi Arabia  
Al Nusayri, Adil Uqla Hassan Saudi Arabia No 32 Sakakah, Saudi Arabia  
Al Oshan, Saleh Abdall Saudi Arabia No 27 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Otaibi, Nawaf Fahad Saudi Arabia No 34 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Qahtani, Abdullah Hamid Saudi Arabia No 27 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Qahtani, Jabir Hasan Muhamed Saudi Arabia No 28 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Qahtani, Jabran Said Wazar

Saudi Arabia No 29 Tabuk, Saudi Arabia  
Al Qahtani, Muhammad Mani Ahmed Al Shal Lan Saudi Arabia No 27 Kharj, Saudi Arabia  
Al Qurayshi, Majid Aydha Muhammad Saudi Arabia No 34 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Qurbi, Mohammed Mubarek Salah Saudi Arabia No 28 Khamees Musheet, Saudi Arabia  
Al Rabiesh, Yusef Abdullah Saleh Saudi Arabia No 25 Al Khasim, Saudi Arabia  
Al Rashid, Mesh Arsad Saudi Arabia No 26 Sana'a, Saudi Arabia  
Al Rushaydan, Abdallah Ibrahim Saudi Arabia No 39 Khobar, Saudi Arabia  
Al Samiri, Bader Al Bakri Saudi Arabia No 29 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Sehli, Ibrahim Daif Allah Neman Saudi Arabia No 41 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Al Shamaree, Zaban Thaaher Zaban Saudi Arabia No 27 Arar, Saudi Arabia  
Al Sharakh, Abdulhadi Abdallah Ibrahim Saudi Arabia No 24 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Sharbi, Ghassan Abdullah

Saudi Arabia No 32 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Al Sharif, Fahd Umr Abd Al Majid Saudi Arabia No 30 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Shihri, Yussef Mohammed Mubarak Saudi Arabia No 21 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Shimri, Maji Afas Radhi Saudi Arabia No 32 Kharj, Saudi Arabia  
Al Shumrani, Mohammad Al Rahman Saudi Arabia No 31 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Shurfa, Ohmed Ahmed Mahamoud Saudi Arabia No 31 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Al Sulami, Yahya Samil Al Suwaymil Saudi Arabia No 27 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Al Tabi, Mana Shaman Allabardi Saudi Arabia No 30 Al-Qarara, Saudi Arabia  
Al Taibi, Rami Bin Said Saudi Arabia No 26 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Al Tayabi, Abdullah Saudi Arabia No 26 Halban, Saudi Arabia  
Al Usaymi, Nayif Fahd Mutliq Saudi Arabia No 27 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Utaybi, Abdullah Ali Saudi Arabia No 34 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Utaybi, Muhammad Surur Dakhilallah Saudi Arabia No 23 Qaisuma, Saudi Arabia  
Al Uwaydha, Sultan Ahmed Dirdeer Musa Saudi Arabia No 31 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Al Wafti, Abdullah Abd Al Mu'In Saudi Arabia No 40 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Wahab, Musa Abed Saudi Arabia No 29 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Al Zabe, Slah Muhamed Salih Saudi Arabia No 34 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Zaharni, Khalid Mohammed Saudi Arabia Yes 34 Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia  
Al Zahrani, Muhammed Murdi Issa Saudi Arabia No 37 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Al Zahrani, Said Ibrahim Ramzi Saudi Arabia No 25 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Al Zahrani, Yasser Talal Saudi Arabia No 22 Yenbo, Saudi Arabia  
Al Zayla, Muhammed Yahia Mosin Saudi Arabia No 29 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Al-Shabani, Fahd Abdallah Ibrahim Saudi Arabia Yes 24 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al-Shedoky, Mish'Al Muhammad Rashid Saudi Arabia Yes 24 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Alhabiri, Mishal Awad Sayaf Saudi Arabia No 26 Minawara, Saudi Arabia  
Ali, Adnan Mohammed Saudi Arabia No 28 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Ali Bin Attash, Hassan Mohammed Saudi Arabia No 21 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Amar, Abu Saudi Arabia No 29 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Ami, Shakir Abdurahim Mohamed Saudi Arabia No 38 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Arbaysh, Ibrahimj Sulayman Muhammad Saudi Arabia No 27 Al Brida, Saudi Arabia  
Balkhair, Rashed Awad Khalaf Saudi Arabia No 28 Jurashi, Saudi Arabia  
Barayan, Majid Al Saudi Arabia No 34 Jedda, Saudi Arabia  
Bukhary, Abdul Hakim Saudi Arabia No 51 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Ghetan, Abdul Salam Saudi Arabia No 22 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Hamdi, Yasser Saudi Arabia / USA Yes 27 Baton Rouge, Louisiana  
Hawsawi, Amran Baqur Mohammed Saudi Arabia No 31 Ta'if, Saudi Arabia  
Humud Dakhil Humud Sa'Id Al-((Jad'An Saudi Arabia No 33 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Ibrahim, Nayif Abdallah Ibrahim Saudi Arabia No 24 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Il Bhawith, Zaid Binsallah Mohammed Saudi Arabia No 24 Qasim, Saudi Arabia  
Jahdari, Ziad Said Farg Saudi Arabia No 27 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Jaid Al Khathami, Saleh Ali Saudi Arabia No 25 Dharan, Saudi Arabia  
Khowlan, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Hussein Saudi Arabia No 34 Taif, Saudi Arabia  
Makram, Murtadha Al Said Saudi Arabia No 30 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Mohamed, Fahed Nasser Saudi Arabia No 24 Abaha, Saudi Arabia  
Mohammed, Ali Muhammed Nasir Saudi Arabia No 24 Jedda, Saudi Arabia  
Mohammed, Kahlid Saad Saudi Arabia No 33 Al Tabia, Saudi Arabia  
Mohammed, Salman Saad Al Khadi Saudi Arabia No 24 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Nur, Yusif Khalil Abdallah Saudi Arabia No 24 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Qa Id, Rashid Abd Al Muslih Qa Id Al Saudi Arabia No 47 Sakahka, Saudi Arabia  
Qahtani, Said Muhammad Husyan Saudi Arabia No 28 Khamees Mushail, Saudi Arabia  
Qattaa, Mansoor Muhammed Ali Saudi Arabia No 24 Ta'if, Saudia Arabia  
Sa Id Ali Jabir Al Khathim Al Shihri Saudi Arabia No 33 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Said, Salam Abdullah Saudi Arabia No 25 Tabokh, Saudi Arabia  
Saleh Ganmi, Abdullah Muhammad Saudi Arabia No 32 Rabug, Saudi Arabia  
Sebai, Mohammed Jayed Saudi Arabia No 23 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Sebaii, Abdel Hadi Mohammed Badan Al Sebaii Saudi Arabia No 35 El Kharg, Saudi Arabia  
Shalabi, Abdul Rahman Saudi Arabia No 31 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Shayban, Said Bezan Ashek Saudi Arabia No 25 Ta'iz, Saudi Arabia  
Shili, Ibrahim Rushdan Brayk Al- Saudi Arabia Yes 25 Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Subii, Nasir Maziyad Abdallah Al Qurayshi Al Saudi Arabia No 36 Kasim, Saudi Arabia  
Sultan, Faha Saudi Arabia No 34 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Thani, Abdallah Faris Al Unazi Saudi Arabia No 26 Saudi Arabia  
Turki Mash Awi Zayid Al Asiri Saudi Arabia No 31 Taboq, Saudi Arabia  
Turkistani, Sadik Ahmad Saudi Arabia Yes Unknown Taif, Saudi Arabia Yes
Umar, Ibrahim Umar Ali Al- Saudi Arabia Yes 23 Al Qaseem, Saudi Arabia  
Uwaydah, Rashid Awad Rashid Al Saudi Arabia No 30 Sakaka, Saudi Arabia  
Wasim Saudi Arabia No 43 Al Jauf, Saudi Arabia  
Zahrani, Fawaz Abd Al-Aziz Al- Saudi Arabia Yes 28 Medina, Saudi Arabia  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abdallah, Muhamed Hussein Somalia No 23 Boor'o, Somalia  
Barre, Mohammed Sulaymon Somalia No 42 Burco, Somalia  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Ahmad, Ahmad Abd Al Rahman Spain Yes 32 Cueta, Spain  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Al Amir Mahmoud, Amir Yakoub Mohammed Sudan No 35 Omdurman, Sudan  
Al Hajj, Sami Mohy El Din Muhammed Sudan No 37 Khartoum, Sudan  
Al Hassan, Mustafa Ibrahim Mustafa Sudan No 49 Al-Manakil, Sudan  
Al Qosi, Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud

Sudan No 46 Khartoum, Sudan  
Ali, Walid Mohammad Haj Mohammad Sudan No 32 Donkhallah, Sudan  
Bani Amir, Salim Mahmoud Adem Mohammed Sudan No 48 Kasala, Sudan  
Gadallah, Hammad Ali Amno

Sudan Yes 37 Duba, Sudan Yes
Hassan, Adel Sudan No 48 Port Sudan, Sudan  
Idris, Ibrahim Othman Ibrahim Sudan / Yemen No 45 Hathramuut, Yemen  
Mahjoub, Muhammed Al Ghazali Babaker Sudan Yes 33 Um Durman, Sudan  
Muhammaed, Noor Uthman Sudan No Unknown Kasala, Sudan  
Raheem, Al Rachid Hasan Ahmad Abdul Sudan Yes 41 Al-Ubayyid, Sudan  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Ghezali, Mehdi Mohammad Sweden Yes 27 Stockholm, Sweden  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Ahjam, Ahmed Adnan Syria No 29 Halab, Syria  
Al Ali, Mahmud Salem Horan Mohammed Mutlak Syria No 32 Doha, Syria  
Al Henali, Menhal Syria Yes 43 Darna, Syria  
Dokhan, Moammar Badawi Syria No 34 Damascus, Syria  
Faraj, Abd Al Hadio Omar Mahmoud Syria No 25 Hama, Syria  
Janko, Abd Al Rahim Abdul Rassak Syria No 28 Al Qamashil, Syria  
Khantumani, Abd Al Nasir Mohammed Abd Al Qadir Syria No 46 Halab, Syria  
Khantumani, Muhammad Abd Al Nasir Muhammad Syria No 24 Halab, Syria  
Mouhammad, Maasoum Abdah Syria No 34 Al Qameshle, Syria  
Shaaban, Ali Husein Syria No 24 Utaiba, Syria  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abdulayev, Omar Hamzayavich Tajikistan No 28 Dushanbe, Tajikistan  
Fazrollah, Mehrabanb Tajikistan No 44 Pyandj, Tajikistan  
Ghafar Homarovich, Shirinov Tajikistan Yes 32 Dushanbe, Tajikistan  
Homaro, Moyuballah Tajikistan Yes 26 Alisurkhan, Tajikistan  
Irgashive, Abdul Karim Tajikistan Yes 41 Dushanbe, Tajikistan  
Jan, Jumma Tajikistan No 28 Kurgantapa, Tajikistan  
Lnu, Sadee Eideov Tajikistan Yes 53 Kamsamulabad Reyhan, Tajikista  
Mazharudin, Fnu Tajikistan Yes 27 Pajpai, Pakistan  
Nabied, Yusef Tajikistan Yes 43 Isfara, Tajikistan  
Salehove, Maroof Saleemovich Tajikistan No 28 Dushanbe, Tajikistan  
Sharipov, Rukniddin Fayziddinovich Tajikistan No 33 Lenenabad, Tajikistan  
Vakhidov , Sobit Abdumukit Valikhonovich Tajikistan No 37 Itsfaratz, Tajikistan  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abdallah, Sayf Bin Tunisia No 33 Menzil, Tunisia  
Al Hami, Rafiq Bin Bashir Bin Jalud Tunisia No 37 Omaron, Tunisia  
Al Yazidi, Ridah Bin Saleh Tunisia No 41 Unfidel, Tunisia  
Bin Hadiddi, Abdul Haddi Tunisia No 37 Bir'Alash, Tunisia  
Bin Hamida, Adil Mabrouk Tunisia No 36 Tunis, Tunisia  
Hkiml, Adel Bin Ahmed Bin Ibrahim Tunisia No 41 Bin Aroes, Tunisia  
Lagha, Lufti Bin Swei Tunisia No 38 Tunis, Tunisia  
Nasseri, Riyad Bil Mohammmed Tahir Tunisia No 40 Gafsa, Tunisia  
Omar, Abdullah Bin Tunisia No 50 Massoulta, Tunisia  
Ourgy, Abdul Bin Mohammed Bin Abess Tunisia No 41 Tunis, Tunisia  
Rahman, Mohammed Abdul Tunisia No 41 Tunis, Tunisia  
Sliti, Hisham Bin Ali Bin Amor Tunisia No 40 Hamam Lif, Tunisia  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Celik Gogus, Yuksel Turkey Yes 39 Karasu Village, Sakara City, Turkey  
Karnaz, Murat Turkey No 24 Bremen, Germany  
Mart, Mahmud Nuri Turkey Yes 35 Agri, Turkey  
Sen, Ibrahim Shafir Turkey Yes 26 Van, Turkey  
Uyar, Salih

Turkey Yes 25 Kojaeli, Turkey Yes


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Turkash, Emdash Abdullah Turkmenistan Yes 65 Ghazni, Afghanistan  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Kiyemba, Jamal Abdullah Uganda Yes 27 Bunamwaya, Uganda  

United Arab Emirates

Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abd Al Sattar, Muieen A Deen Jamal A Deen Abd Al Fusal United Arab Emirates No 31 Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
Alhamiri, Abdulah United Arab Emirates No 27 Alan, United Arab Emirates  

United Kingdom

Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abassi, Feroz Ali United Kingdom Yes 27 Entebbe, Uganda  
Ahmed, Rhuhel United Kingdom Yes 25 Birmingham, United Kingdom  
Al Harith, Jamal Malik United Kingdom Yes 40 Manchester, United Kingdom  
Begg, Moazzan United Kingdom Yes 38 Birmingham, United Kingdom  
Belmar, Richard Dean United Kingdom Yes 27 London, United Kingdom  
Iqbal, Asif United Kingdom Yes 25 West Bromwich, United Kingdom  
Mubanga, Martin John United Kingdom Yes 34 Lusaka, Zambia  
Rasul, Shafiq United Kingdom Yes 33 Dudley, England  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Adam, Mohammed Sadiq Uzbekistan Yes 33 Konduz, Afghanistan  
Batayev, Ilkham Turdbyavich Uzbekistan No 33 Abaye, Kazakhstan  
Hamidullah, Ali Sher Uzbekistan No 32 Tashkent, Uzbekistan  
Hamiduva, Shakhrukh Uzbekistan No 23 Kokan, Uzbekistan  
Jamaludinovich, Abu Bakir Uzbekistan No 32 Chartakh, Uzbekistan  
Kasimbekov, Kamalludin Uzbekistan No 29 Tashkent, Uzbekistan  
Khan, Abdullah Mohammad Uzbekistan No 34 Faryab, Afghanistan  

West Bank

Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Al Quwari, Mahrar Rafat West Bank No 41 Gaza  
Hussein, Abdul Qadir Yousef West Bank No 53 Jenin, West Bank  
Tahamuttan, Mohammed Abdullah West Bank No 27 Burka, West Bank  


Name Nationality Released Age (approximate) Birthplace NLEC
Abd Al Mujahid, Mahmoud Abd Al Aziz Yemen No 29 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Abd Al Rahman Abd, Allal Ab Aljallil Yemen No 31 Aluday, Yemen  
Abd Al Wahab, Abd Al Malik Yemen No 27 Ibb, Yemen  
Abu Ghanim, Mohammed Rajab Sadiq Yemen No 31 Sanaa, Yemen  
Ahmad, Majid Mahmud Abdu Yemen No 26 Burayqah, Yemen  
Ahmed, Abdul Rahman Yemen No 27 Sana'a, Yemen  
Ahmed, Ali Abdullah Yemen No 29 Ib, Yemen  
Ahmed, Fahmi Abdullah Yemen No 29 Debab, Yemen  
Ahmed, Faruq Ali Yemen No 23 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Ahmed, Fayad Yahya Yemen No 29 Aden, Yemen  
Al Alawi, Muaz Hamza Ahmad Yemen No 29 Bajor, Yemen  
Al Ansi, Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah Yemen No 31 Sanaa, Yemen  
Al Asadi, Mohammed Ahmed Ali Yemen No 27 Sana'a, Yemen  
Al Bihani, Ghaleb Nassar Yemen No 26 Tabokh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Busayss, Adil Said Al Haj Obeid Yemen No 33 Aden, Yemen  
Al Dhuby, Khalid Mohammed Salih Yemen No 25 Taif, Saudi Arabia  
Al Edah, Mohammed Ahmad Said Yemen No 44 Hay al-Turbawi Ta'iz, Yemen  
Al Hamiri, Mohammed Abdullah Yemen No 24 Hudaydah, Yemen  
Al Hanashi, Mohammad Ahmed Abdullah Saleh Yemen Yes 28 Al Habrub, Yemen  
Al Hikimi, Ahmed Umar Abdullah Yemen No 34 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Al Hilal, Abdul Al Salam Yemen No 38 Unknown  
Al Jayfi, Issam Hamid Al Bin Ali Yemen No 27 Sada, Yemen  
Al Kazimi, Sanad Yislam Yemen No 36 Unknown  
Al Khalaqi, Asim Thahit Abdullah Yemen No 38 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
Al Madoonee, Musab Omar Ali Yemen No 26 Al-Hudida, Yemen  
Al Marwalah, Bashir Nasir Ali Yemen No 27 Al-Haymah, Yemen  
Al Maythali, Ha Il Aziz Ahmed Yemen No 29 Zemar, Yemen  
Al Mudhaffari, Abdel Qadir Hussein Yemen No 30 Al Bayda, Yemen  
Al Nahdi, Sulaiman Awath Sulaiman Bin Ageel Yemen No 32 Al Mukalla, Yemen  
Al Omairah, Othman Ahmed Othman Yemen No 33 Shabwa, Yemen  
Al Qadasi, Khalid Abd Jal Jabbar Muhammad Juthman Yemen No 38 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Al Qurashi, Sabri Mohammed Ebrahim Yemen No 36 Hudaydah, Yemen  
Al Radai, Riyad Atiq Ali Abdu Al Haj Yemen No Unknown Taez, Yemen  
Al Rahizi, Ali Ahmad Muhammad Yemen No 27 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Al Rammah, Omar Mohammed Ali Yemen No 31 Al Beitha, Yemen  
Al Rimi, Ali Yahya Mahdi Yemen No 23 Sana'a, Yemen  
Al Sabri, Mashur Abdallah Muqbil Ahmed Yemen No 28 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Al Saleh, Abdul Yemen No 27 Muqela, Yemen  
Al Sani, Fahmi Salem Said Yemen No 29 Mikala, Yemen  
Al Shamyri, Mustafa Abdul Qawi Abdul Aziz Yemen No 28 Sana'a, Yemen  
Al Sharabi, Zuhail Abdo Anam Said Yemen No 29 Taiz, Yemen  
Al Shulan, Hani Abdul Muslih Yemen No 27 Ibb, Yemen  
Al Suadi, Abdul Aziz Abdullah Ali Yemen No 32 Milhan, Yemen  
Al Tays, Ali Husayn Abdullah Yemen No 29 Sada, Yemen  
Al Wady, Hamoud Abdullah Hamoud Hassan Yemen No 41 Sana'a, Yemen  
Al Warafi, Muktar Yahya Najee Yemen No 32 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Al Yafi, Al Khadr Abdallah Muhammed Yemen No 36 Lawdar, Yemen  
Al Zuba, Saleh Mohamed Yemen No 51 Sana'a, Yemen  
Al-Marwa'I, Toufiq Saber Muhammad Yemen No 30 Al Dumaina, Yemen  
Alahdal, Abu Bakr Ibn Ali Muhhammad Yemen No 27 Al Hudaydah, Yemen  
Aleh, Ali Bin Ali Yemen No 23 Adem, Yemen  
Awad, Jalal Salam Awad Yemen No 33 Al Muquala, Yemen  
Awad, Waqas Mohammed Ali Yemen No 24 Aden, Yemen  
Azani, Saad Masir Mukbl Al Yemen No 27 Al Reef, Yemen  
Baada, Tarek Ali Abdullah Ahmed Yemen No 28 Shebwa, Yemen  
Balzuhair, Shawki Awad Yemen No 25 Hadramout, Yemen  
Basardah, Yasim Muhammed Yemen No 30 Shabua, Yemen  
Batarfi, Ayman Saeed Abdullah Yemen No 36 Cairo, Egypt  
Bin Atef, Mahmmoud Omar Mohammed Yemen No 26 Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Bin Salem, Muhhammad Said Yemen No 31 Hadramaut, Yemen  
Bwazir, Mohammed Ali Abdullah Yemen No 26 Howra, Yemen  
Ghazi, Fahed Abdullah Ahmad Yemen No 24 Bayt Ghazi, Yemen  
Hadi, Salem Ahmed Yemen No 30 Hadramaut, Yemen  
Haidel, Mohammed Ahmed Said Yemen No 28 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Hakim, Abdel Ghalib Ahmad Yemen No 27 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Hamdan, Salim Ahmed Salim

Yemen No 36 Hadramout, Yemen  
Hamdoun, Zahar Omar Hamis Bin Yemen No 27 Ash Shihr, Yemen  
Hassan, Emad Abdalla Yemen No 27 Aden, Yemen  
Hassen, Mohammed Mohammed Yemen No 23 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Hatim, Said Muhammed Salih Yemen No 30 Ibb, Yemen  
Hintif, Fadil Husayn Salih Yemen No 37 Al Youf, Yemen  
Ismail, Ali Hamza Ahmed Sulayman Yemen No 37 Hudaydah, Yemen  
Ismail, Sadeq Muhammad Sa Id Yemen No 24 Jabal Haimain, Yemen  
Ismail, Yasin Qasem Muhammad Yemen No 27 Ibb, Yemen  
Jarabh, Saeed Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Sarem Yemen No 30 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Khamsan, Karam Khamis Sayd

Yemen Yes 37 Al Mahra, Yemen Yes
Khnenah, Muhammed Ali Hussein Yemen No Unknown Ktaph, Yemen  
Khusruf, Mohammed Nasir Yahya Yemen No 56 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Mahdi, Fawaz Naman Hamoud Abdullah Yemen No 26 The Shaira, Yemen  
Mar'I, Jamal Muhammad 'Alawi Yemen No Unknown Dhamar, Yemen  
Masud, Sharaf Ahmad Muhammad Yemen No 28 Sana'a, Yemen  
Mohammed, Hussein Salem Yemen No 29 Aden, Yemen  
Moqbel, Samir Naji Al Hasan Yemen No 29 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Moqbill, Muhsin Muhammad Musheen Yemen No Unknown Ta'iz, Yemen  
Muhammad, Abd Al Rahman Abdullah Ali Yemen No 24 Sana'a, Yemen  
Nashir, Sa Id Salih Sa Id Yemen No 32 Habilain, Yemen  
Nassir, Jamil Ahmed Said Yemen No 36 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Qader, Ahmed Abdul Yemen No 23 Sana'a, Yemen  
Qader Idris, Idris Ahmed Abdu Yemen No 27 Rada, Yemen  
Qasim, Khaled Yemen No 29 Themeir, Yemen  
Qyati, Abdul Rahman Umir Al Yemen No 30 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Rabeii, Salman Yahya Hassan Mohammed Yemen No 27 Jedda, Saudi Arabia  
Rahman, Abdul Yemen No 30 Hadramaut, Yemen  
Said Kuman, Ahmed Yaslam Yemen No 25 Hathramout, Yemen  
Salam, Mohammed Ahmed Yemen No 26 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Saleh, Ayoub Murshid Ali Yemen No 28 Usabee, Yemen  
Saleh Naser, Abdul Rahman Mohamed Yemen No 26 Ma'rib, Yemen  
Salem Al Zarnuki, Mohammed Ali Yemen No Unknown Husayneyah, Yemen  
Salih, Abdul Al Razzaq Muhammad Yemen No 33 Al Gidd Al Hajjah, Yemen  
Salih, Ali Mohsen Yemen No 26 Guban, Yemen  
Shahir, Walid Mohammed Yemen Yes 27 Al Tawahi, Yemen  
Sharqawi, Abdu Ali Al Haji Yemen No 32 Ta'iz, Saudi Arabia  
Sulayman, Abdul Rahman Abdul Abu Ghityh Yemen No 27 Ta'iz, Yemen  
Suleiman, Fayiz Ahmad Yahia Yemen No 32 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Tahar, Mohmmad Ahmad Ali Yemen No 26 Ib, Yemen  
Uthman, Uthman Abdul Rahim Mohammed Yemen No 27 Aden, Yemen  
Zaid, Walid Said Bin Said Yemen No 28 Ta'iz, Yemen  

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