U.S. Used Napalm W.M.D. Against Koreans and Later in Vietnam

Photo: US army, AP source: The Guardian Unlimited South Korean napalm victim
The caption on this US army photo identified this man as a South Korean victim of a napalm bombing raid near Suwon, South Korea, on January 29 1951. Gasoline-gel napalm bombs were used extensively by US forces during the Korean war.

As in Vietnam, U.S. imperialist  forced killed many hundreds of thousands or millions of "friendly" civilians in the countries they were supposedly liberating. They also burned the innocent with napalm in both South Vietnam and Korea. I am a citizen of a ruthless country that skilfully convinced much of the interantional community for decades, they were the saviour of the "free world." Ironically, with the Cold War over, the world can see more clearly what this saviour looks like. I have known for many years the gap between ideals and action in terms of what the U.S. stands for. Finally the whole world is becoming aware of this global, expansionist menace. 

South Korean napalm victim


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