Israel: The Unifier of Shi’a and Sunni

Israel is doing what most Muslims and certainly the United States could not do. That is unify Shi’a and Sunni forces in the resistance against American-Israeli colonisation and racist terrorism.

Hezbollah, created after Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982, which means “Party of God”  and consists of Lebanese Shi’a who are a resistance force against Israel’s half century occupation of various lands belonging to state parties in the region: Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. Hamas, an elected government through democratic, open elections has been kidnapped in a regime change effort in Gaza and the West Bank. Hamas is Sunni Palestinian. Yet the enemy of my enemy is my friend seems to be operative here.

While Israel did withdraw from most of Lebanon in 2000, Hezbollah’s capture of two Israeli soldiers transpired after Israeli aggression and reoccupation of Gaza. Apparently Israel and the Americans believe that coalitions and alliances should be restricted for Judeo-Christian-crusading societies that have nuclear weapons and no regard for stewardship of the planet. They condemn Syria and Iran for assisting Hezbollah or Hamas that many see as a legitimate use of state sovereignty in supporting the decolonisation of the region.

Iraq is noted for violent schisms between Sunni and Shi’a. Yet in Palestine and in Lebanon, the major resistance forces against Israel are also Sunni and Shi’a as they desperately attempt to ally against the American supplied and orchestrated Israeli use of massive, firepower. Every hour, every day hundreds of millions of Muslims, most of whom are Sunni and not avid supporters of Hezbollah, become alienated and resentful of the American-Israeli pulverization of their people.

A house destroyed by Israeli jets in Baalbek, east Lebanon
Lebanon toll passes 200

This is the madness and immorality of the US and its proxy Israel. Vicious, horrible leaders who murder out of joy and love of the destruction of those who believe in a different god or whose skin is of a different colour. This is the reality of the 21st Century. Lawless nations attempting the imposition of their will due to superior firepower on those who wish to be left alone.

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