Immoral America and Geopolitical Fallacies: (Israel and Iran)

Let's be clear. The United States is exuberant over Israel's disproportionate response to the capture of its soldiers during war. The U.S. wants Hezbollah eliminated because it construes this as containing Iranian and Syrian power in Lebanon and in the region. The U.S. wants the destruction of Hezbollah, by any means necessary, because of its larger war against Iran. Yet Hezbollah partisans are Lebanese, not Iranian. There are no Iranian soldiers in Lebanon or any other country in the region.

The U.S. also was willing to let many of its citizens die or remain in peril in Beirut from Israel strategic bombing in Lebanon because if it moved too fast, it would be appear to lending support to the notion of a humanitarian crisis caused by Israeli extermination bombing. This might create the impression that the Axis–Israel and U.S.–were displaying fissures and disagreement in their policy. So that is why the U.S. was one of the last countries to begin the repatriation of its citizens to Cyprus. Also many of these Americans are Lebanese or Middle Eastern in ethnicity and do not garner the degree of government protection as Anglo-Americans. I concede this is provocative but not necessarily inaccurate. Recall the U.S., a wealthy power, was going to charge the evacuees money for the service. I wonder if the criminals would have accepted credit cards. Think about this. The U.S. which wastes over 700 billion USD a year on "defence" was going to bill Americans who were fleeing racist, criminal Israeli bombing.

The game of geopolitics will fail. The U.S. has lost the war in Iraq and hoped that Israel would pull its chestnuts from the fire. No, what began as an Arab-Israeli conflict is now a Muslim (Arab and Persian) v. American and Israeli conflict. When Iran acquires nuclear weapons, and I support denuclearisation and abolition of these systems, one of two things will happen. There will be short term stability because Israel will recognise that its military superiority is limited and diplomacy will be construed as a logical option. Long term I believe the potential for a nuclear exchange in the region is not unlikely. The U.S. and Israel are beyond redemption. These are criminal states that are ruthless, selfish and racist. I am not sure what countervailing power or coalition of nations can stop this alliance and its plunge into self-destruction.

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