Criminal Israel, Destroyer of Babies and Countries, Losing War.

It is now reported that Israel, one of the greatest mistakes in the history of nation building, is planning an invasion of southern Lebanon. All of their American built flying machines of death and war crimes are not working. Yes cities are being destroyed, a country is being blockaded, 500,000 to a million children and others are not getting health care, schooling (even in summer) and are now homeless repatriates or refugees, but Hezbollah, continues to resist.

Israel which is using the American playbook of shock and awe is losing to a heroic resistance of Hezbollah. Here you have one of the world's great military superpowers, bristling with cutting edge American technology and both fission and fusion weapons, attempting to annihilate a resistance force that has merely crude rocketry. Hezbollah has no aircraft, no navy, no tanks that I know of, no marines and is continuing to launch rockets into Israel.

Hezbollah is labeled a terrorist organization by the State Dept. Yet they have killed far fewer innocents than Israel. It should be recalled, as an ally of Hamas, that their incursion into Israel and the apprehension of two soldiers was in response to Israel's invasion of Gaza. Hezbollah's attack was not terrorist, it was against a military target and was in response to the State of Israel's ruthless invasion of Gaza. The world knows who the terrorists are and how they bring a rain of ruin to not only Muslims, but also Japanese and Germans in the strategic bombing  from Dresden to Nagasaki in the late war. They are not Shi'a in Lebanon or Hamas in Palestine, although both groups should attempt to mediate a settlement and pursue a two-state solution, but are the Americans and their puppet-murderous regime of Israel.

It makes no sense and is counterintuitive: Israel states that its war aim is to defeat Hezbollah and demand that the Lebanon government take over the south and replace Hezbollah as the dominant force in country. Yet the Israeli destruction of Lebanon is undermining the very government they claim they want to empower.

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