The U.S. is Beginning to Look Like Nazi Germany.

It wants war.

It wants conquest.

It ignores pleas from Lebanon and Europe to stop the insane Israeli killing of women and children.

It ignores global support for a ceasefire.

It invades nations and supports nations that commit acts of state terrorism.

Israel 'ignored UN bomb warnings'

It is consumed with power and race: a lethal combination that drove both German and American preemption as seen in the September 1939 invasion of Poland and the March 2003 invasion of Iraq. Hitler started World War II, although one could argue Japan's expansionism in Manchuria was the opening salvo in 1931, and I think the U.S. has started what is World War III. The blind, racist support of Israel, which has the right to security and sovereignty, the degradation of the Palestinians, the inordinate control of Middle Eastern oil, its wars in Afghanistan, in Central Asia and its war against Islam. I hope this war does not spread globally but it is now appearing to be out of control and the world's only superpower is the principal instigator of this instability.

The U.S. has blood on its hands for the 100,000s of Iraqi babies killed during and after the sanctions and wants more blood in Lebanon. Germany also could not find an appropriate end for its Lebensraum (breathing space). Poland, Sudetenland, the Low Countries, Scandinavia and of course Russia. Both the U.S. and Nazi Germany seem smitten with the dreams of empire and volk: the belief their people are superior and are the wellspring of domination and superior culture.

The U.S. spies on Americans, collects telephone numbers of persons whom they call, read their mail, invade their financial privacy and scrutinise their transactions and consult their library computer use. While nothing is as overt as the Gestapo, the F.B.l., the N.S.A. and the C.I.A. constitute an internal police force to watch and control Americans who resist the nazification of the "republic."

The U.S. and the National Socialists are/were drunk with power, arrogant with their sense of exceptionalism and have no regard for other nations or interests but their own. They both have a one-party state with virtually no opposition to this perpetual war for perpetual empire.

I am not equating entirely the domestic systems of Germany and the United States which were disparate in many ways but their foreign policies and militarisation of their societies are vastly similar. Flags, parades, adoration of soldiers, adoration of war, adoration of power.

Look at the detritus of America: Hiroshima, Falluja, Beirut, Baghdad,  Haditha, Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo. Vietnam. America is not beautiful, its flag not worthy of pledges of allegiance and other obsequious rantings, but a monstrous country that only because of its superior military power can defy global desire for peace and justice. Did people think that a country that invaded Iraq for sport and Israeli interests would demur with the latter butchering and bombing Lebanese civilians in Beirut and Tyre? Does the world expect America to seek peace? It knows what we are and hopefully some correlation of forces will develop to contain American power as the Soviets so successfully did for about fifty years.

I am ashamed and disgraced to be an American and I will not be silenced as I oppose this butchery in the Middle East.

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