Mr Bush and Hurricane Katrina

The New York Times is critical of the president’s remarks concerning this unprecedented disaster in New Orleans and points East. I must say did the New York Times expect a man who ordered the destruction of entire cities in Iraq, such as Falluja, to be even more concerned when his own cities, far removed from the halls of power and influence, are under water? This is not an individual who feels compassion for those vulnerable and in misery, but is a person who is extremely wealthy, has traveled in exclusive circles and simply possesses none of the traits of decency one would hope in an individual with so much power, so much influence and so much time on his hands. These are poor people in the U.S. and Iraq whose cities were devastated either by ground fire, air raids by U.S. military personnel or by a hurricane in the Caribbean. Perhaps Mr Bush will rise to the challenge but his remarks suggest a boredom, even an indifference to the suffering of Americans not privileged to go to Yale and to call a father, “41”.

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