Staff Sergeant Frank “Baby-killer” D. Wuterich Sues REAL Marine, Congressperson Murtha

It is amazing what lawyers and criminals will do in this country. Here you have a baby-killer wearing the uniform of the U.S. marines, sent by ruthless neoconservatives and their Democratic acolytes to spread Judeo-Christianity in the Holy Land, suing Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) for condemning the butchery and mass-murder of innocent babies, women and men in Haditha.

Even though Congressperson Murtha, a decorated marine from the Vietnam War, did not even mention the sergeant by name, he is being sued for defamation. Sergeant Wuterich is a public figure and it is extremely hard under libel law for a public figure to sue successfully for libel. Secondly, the baby-killer was not named directly by the Congressperson. Third, are members of the Congress not allowed to condemn the military when they engage in acts of criminal and barbarous actions against precious, innocent civilians? Fourth, libel incorporates at least an intentionality and prior knowledge of error or disinformation. In any event, the esteemed Pennsylvania Congressperson Murtha was accurate and so no libel or defamation occurred.

There were some who wanted to sue me for defamation of the military and a cadet in the Air Force Academy when I was suspended, for daring to describe the “aggressive baby-killing tactics of collateral damage” and accurately describing the racist wars that we wage on behalf of empire and capital formation.

The marines generally tried to cover up the Haditha massacre. They paid hush money to some survivors. They said many of the dozens killed were in a crossfire or killed by an I.E.D. The marines have blood on their hands beyond the squad led by Staff Sgt. Frank “Baby-killer” Wuterich.

I would say to Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, and Sergeant "Baby-killer" Wuterich the following: You may try to stifle antiwar dissent with your flag-burning constitutional amendments or suing antiwar critics who wish to end the aggressive war in Iraq, but those of us who know what this country is like and what we are doing to the international community, will not be silenced. We need to maintain an open and free democratic society, with a robust civil society, where protest and condemnation of this ruthless country's military adventurism is honoured and not marginalised.

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