Kirstein New York Times post on Connecticut Att. Gen. Blumenthal Lies About Vietnam Service

This is the New York Times article on Attorney General Richard  Blumenthal’s execrable lies about having “served”  in the genocidal Vietnam War. This person is running for the senate and is playing the love the military card to get elected. He was moaning and groaning about how Vietnam Vets were mistreated and how this flag waving coward would rectify that if elected to the mahogany-elite club of the Senate. What a guy!!  A typical liberal utterly cynical about mass murder and genocide that was the real lesson of Vietnam.

New York Times

May 18th, 2010
11:08 am

Why someone would lie about being involved in an unjust, immoral war is beyond me. The issue of veterans beings spat upon is simply illusory. It did not happen and many monographs attest to that fact: veterans were generally greeted by family and friends at airports. Some even got parades. Yes they did not get Lindbergh-esque ticker tape parades but the war was unpopular. Unjust wars are hard on veterans because they are not celebrated for their actions. Mr Blumenthal despite his character flaws is intellectually weak on this issue. Namely, it is not the treatment of former combat veterans that is the most significant issue but the decision to send them to war to kill, destroy, wound and devastate a region or a people that is the most haunting.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal lied so he could brag being involved in this war of genocide and mass murder. Says a great deal about his capacity to understand human suffering and war crimes.

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