First Blog and Disclaimer

This is my first blog. It won’t be the last! I hope this weblog will present effective counterargumentation and observations about the American Empire and the failed dream of its founders. This blog will present radical visions and different perspectives fueled by a desire for peace and justice.

I added this to “First Blog” in December, 2005:

While I think disclaimers are gratuitous and even self-deprecating, I offer this disclaimer without any third-party request. The comments expressed on this blog do not necessarily represent, although it would be nice if they did, the ideological weltanschauung or views of:

The administration of Saint Xavier University

The staff of Saint Xavier University                                

The vendors of Saint Xavier University

The alumni of Saint Xavier University

The board of trustees of Saint Xavier University

The professors emeriti of Saint Xavier University

The donors–if not part of an above category–of Saint Xavier University              

Visitors at Saint Xavier University

E-mail senders, not included in above categories, to servers at Saint Xavier University

The administrator of this server.

The faculty of Saint Xavier University

Also, this blog does not represent the views of neighbors of SXU who bicycle, jog, walk dogs or themselves on their daily constitution at St Xavier University, in the City of Chicago, in the County of Cook, in the State of Illinois, in the United States of America, on the North American continent, in the Western Hemisphere of the planet Earth. 

rev. July 3, 2006

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