Women Beware: Avoid U.S. Military Recruiters; You might be Sexually Assaulted. Protect Yourself!!

Eighty military recruiters were disciplined last year for sexual assault, or other types of sexual harassment against potential recruits. Imagine how many were not detected as the "band of brothers" stick together. An A.P. report discovered, "at least 35 Army recruiters, 18 Marine Corps recruiters, 18 Navy recruiters and 12 Air Force recruiters were disciplined in 2005 for sexual misconduct or other inappropriate behavior with potential enlistees."

This must be some kind of recruitment strategy! These predators whom we are supposed to salute, idolise and worship because they wear the uniform and die for Exxon/Mobil, Boeing, Halliburton, Neo-conservative anti-Islam bigots and imperialists are abusing young women who merely want to join the U.S. military. 

These abusers, safe from military action in Iraq or Afghanistan, are in YOUR hometown and you better counsel your daughters to avoid military service if you value their safety. In fact the National Guard, in response to this pestilence, has had to institute a No One Alone policy. That means no male-military recruiter is allowed to be alone with a female potential inductee in an office or any room at a recruitment station. One can surmise that if women are abused by predators who supposedly are trying to meet recruitment goals, imagine how women in the miltary must be treated. Recall the treatment of women at the Air Force Academy and other military institutions as, perhaps, symptomatic of the macho-exclusionary culture of our "fighting men."

No not all military personnel are criminal abusers but the war in Iraq has revealed widespread mass murder, baby-killing, torture, slaughtering of civilians, rapes, and other inhuman treatment of POW. It strongly suggests the days of fantasising and idealising the American military as a John Wayne Green Beret type is over. War debases those who fight it and sullies the honour and reputation of those who order it. No our soldiers are not better trained, are not more disciplined, are not more professional, are not more skilled, are not more gallant, are not more capable of discrimination and distinction in sparing non-combatants than other militaries.

Also while I don't blame the enlisted person or non-senior officer corps, they are not even fighting for noble and worthwhile causes. Their entire mission is without moral or ethical purpose and are merely pawns in the game of failed policies and lack of moral leadership that so governs the American ruling elites.

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