Weekend Dreaming: A Lenin in the White House

"Comrade Lenin Cleanses the Earth of Filth," 1920 Communist poster                                  http://www.theodora.com/wfb/russia/russia_flags.html  "Comrade Lenin Cleanses the Earth of Filth," 1920 Communist poster.

Vladimir Lenin was the chief mover of the Russian Revolution in 1917 that replaced the Czars, the final ruler being Nicholas II. Following the initial 1917 February revolution, Lenin returns to Russia through Germany and battles the provisional government of Aleksandr Kerensky culminating in the transformational October Revolution that brought communism, or at least a Marxist-Leninist variant, to its first nation-state.

The reason for the subtitle: Lenin in the White House. With Lenin's rise to power came a reassessment of the brutal, profligate and senseless war with Germany then raging on the Eastern front during the Great War (WWI). Lenin knew that the war was fought for capital formation, imperial dynastic expansion and from a mindless, senseless balance of power strategy on the continent. It was the great Lenin that authorised Leon Trotsky to negotiate with the Germans and sign the Treaty of Brest Litovsk in March 1918. President Wilson of course tried to keep the Russians in the war so they would sacrifice their youth and kill German youth and reduce the military prowess of Germany in the west. The much maligned treaty that was revoked after the war I believe was quite magisterial. Russia surrendered Poland, the Baltic states and recognised the independence of the Ukraine, then with a "the," Georgia and Finland. They even paid a large indemnity.

Few leaders have been willing to surrender territory for peace and there is a certain greatness to Russia's decision to leave the war. That is my point recognising the eventual consolidation and subjugation by the Soviet Union of many of the lands surrendered in the March 1918 treaty. To have a president today leave the war, the crusade in Iraq, would be Lenin–like in spirit if not in precise replication of terms. Mr Bush started this war; Lenin was not involved in the Guns of August of 1914–the outbreak of the Great War.

Communism remains, despite the egregious bombast of end-of-the-Cold War triumphalism, a vibrant system in the People's Republic of China, Vietnam and Cuba. Those three nations will remain communist for the duration of this century but will probably evolve into mixed economies, such as China and an incipient Vietnam, and continue their path of international engagement and constructive dialogue on issues of war, peace and economic justice.

Communist nations do not currently invade or occupy other countries, use cluster bombs, kill babies in their mothers' arms in distant lands and act as if they are morally, RACIALLY and culturally superior to other peoples. I am not glorifying state communism for it was too centralised, too harsh, and antagonistic to individualism and liberal democracy. Yet compared to the Axis of Evil: the United States, Israel and the United Kindgom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, contemporary communist nation-states compare favourably in their external affairs and the adoption of restraint in deploying military force to resolve international disputes.

Coming: U.S. Made Iran's Nuclear Bed: The Chickens Come Home to Roost.
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