Democrats: Hands off Secretary of Defence Rumsfeld

One can see the politics of death and mass murder. The Democrats, all too eager to regain power, are now on a mission to get the SecDef fired or to portray him as the source of all the problems in winning the Iraq War. Prowar Senator Hillary Clinton began this latest effort some weeks ago in grilling the secretary before a senate hearing. Even some Republicans are distancing themselves from the secretary, in an effort to strengthen their congressional candidacies this fall.

 United States Secretary of Defence Donald H. Rumsfeld

My main criticism is that the Democrats are not questioning the morality or ethics of an unprovoked war for spurious and non-existent causes, but merely the prosecution of the conflict. An antiwar position does not measure the troop strength, the tactics used, the failure to defeat the insurgency but denounces the criminal nature of the conflict and demands an exit strategy to avert more needless casualties. Trying to appear critical of the war, strong on defence but merely opposed to the tactics and strategy of war is immoral and unethical. The killing should be brought to a rapid halt. The torture should be condemned as a war crime. The senseless bombings and sweeps through Sunni areas must end. The continued training and deployment of American-sponsored and equipped Iraqi security forces is merely fanning the flames of Sunni-Shi'a and Shi'a v. Shi'a fury as seen with the militias.

It is not enough to blame the "ineffective" managment of the war on Mr Rumsfeld and not assume responsiblity for supporting the war and continuing to authorise unlimited funding for the Pentagon in general and the war in particular. The Democratic Party should not earn the right to govern either house of Congress until it offers the U.S. and the world an approach to foreign policy that emphasises diplomacy, conflict resolution, war only as a last resort, and a denuclearisation of America.

I oppose the Iraq war as a criminal war and care less about tactics. Why does this nation lack a viable political party that agrees with that? Are we so violent and militaristic that no major party can dare question the imperial and power maximising compulsion of its elite leadership?

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