The Pentagon Reaches Greatness: Now U.S. Can’t Burn Defenceless P.O.W. Or Can It?

The Pentagon has released well-publicised revisions in the Army Field Manual that forbid the following treatment of P.O.W. or other detainees. In 2006, the United States of America, that proclaims itself as the leader of the "Civilised World" now bans the following:

Forced nakedness

Hooding of Individuals


Sexual Humiliation

Threatening with Dogs

Deprivation of food or water

Performing mock executions

Shocking with electricity

Burning and causing other pain

Water boarding, that simulates drowning

Even though the U.S. has long since ratified the relevant Geneva Conventions; even though the Bush administration has denied torture; even though the Bush administration has denied Geneva Convention protection for "enemy combatants" or persons not in a state-sponsored military, it has now supposedly adopted almost a half-century after the Geneva Conventions, provisions that no civilised nation would have violated in the first place.

It is comfortable that America, the great enemy of the international community and the world's leading proponent and exporter of TERRORISM, has ordered the military not to burn and starve P.O.W. Yet these provisions do not apply to tactics by intelligence agencies, such as the shadowy terrrorist organization, the Central Intelligence Agency. This terrorist group has secret prisons, wages secret wars and one can only assume they kill, butcher and maim resistance fighters or whomever they deem expendable.

Furthermore the Bush administration is proposing legislation that would appear to undermine the Wednesday Pentagon revisions, so maybe good ol' torture and terrorism are still the official policy of the United States of America when it comes to interrogation.

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