America’s Prestige as Superpower is Finished: Europeans Know Better

The U.S., the leader of the free world, the defender of peace, freedom and democracy, the slayer of communism, the opponent of terrorism, the world's greatest country, the ethical apogee of humanitarianism, the hero of the Marshall Plan, the putative victor over Nazism, ignore the Soviets, the country with the most gold in Olympics, simply the world's grandest nation is the most despised. It took only a few years for this to happen and is possibly the most significant phenomenon in recent U.S. history.

Just think about this sentence: The U.S. is despised, feared and detested throughout the world. Oh, it can't be that way in Europe: the white allies of the U.S. Say it ain't so. How can this be? We are talking about the gift of god to the world: the United States of America!!

According to the German Marshall Fund, only 37% of Europe desires the U.S. to assume a major role in global affairs. In 2002, prior to the Iraq aggression, that figure was 64%. Europeans have lost confidence in the U.S. and shockingly, only fifteen years after the Cold War, and five years after 9/11.

An increasingly common occurrence in other lands. Hypocritical Senator Dianne Feinstein wants to put people in jail in THIS country who engage in this act which is typical of the prowar, anti-free speech element within the Democratic Party wing of the Grand Old Party.

Even though the U.S. is deliberately lying about Iran's nuclear programme and the I.A.E.A. has denounced a fraudulent report from the House Intelligence Committee, that lies about Iranian H.E.U. (highly-enriched uranium), apparently only Americans have been successfully, as always, propagandised by the ruling elites in Washington. Seventy-five per cent of Americans see Iran's possible acquisition of nuclear weapons as a threat but only 58% of Europeans do. That is not insignificant but seventeen percentage points less is significant.

Mr Bush's job approval ratings were 7% in Turkey which is a member of N.A.T.O. and officially quite secular in its policies, 10% in Spain and a mere 12% in France and Germany. Even in Poland, Europe's most conservative nation, the approval rating for Mr Bush was 40% exceeded only by Rumania with 42%. So no European nation, twelve were surveyed, registered an approval rating above 50%. Even the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a notoriously conservative nation in its external affairs, could only muster a 24 per cent approval rating of the Texan/Connecticut president.

The loss of prestige, the global consensus that the nation is contravening the aspirations of the international community and the increase in negative feelings toward the United States are one of the few bright spots in the world today. At least the rest of the international community cannot be fooled by the millennial rhetoric, lured by the claim to American exceptionalism or solicitous of state terrorism and mass murder that are committed each day by this aggressive and militaristic nation.

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