The War that U.S. Central Command Hides From You: Americans Needlessly Dying in Imperialist, Aggressive War

Washington Post: This frame from a videotape shows the bodies of U.S. service members killed in the Sunni Muslim city of Ramadi. Such images are virtually non-existent even though 2700 American military personnel have died in this preemptive, monstrous war for oil, empire, Zionism, Iranian “containment” and racism.

General John Abizaid, Commander, U.S. Central Command runs Centcom. If I could I would ask him two sets of questions and extend him a invitation.

1) Do you feel any guilt or moral conscience in being a four-star general in the U.S. army given its tendency to slaughter and butcher non-white peoples throughout the world? As an Arabic-speaking officer of Lebanese descent, did you feel any rage or even emotion as Israel, with Centcom’s backing, bombed and pulverised, through strategic bombing, major civilian areas in Beirut and Qana?

2) When you invaded the tiny, impoverished little island of Grenada during the Reagan administration in 1983, you commanded the 1st and 2nd Ranger Battalions. Are you proud of this military action resulting in African people killed over a runway and the disinformation of American students endangered at a medical school? Are you satisfied that this containment of Castroite socialism reflects well on the arrogant search for hegemonic security by the United States? Do you think you were a coward to participate and not refuse an order to support Operation Urgent Fury in such a vile mismatch in which violence was used? I pose this as a question not as an accusation. Cowardice may not merely apply to refusal to engage the “enemy” but the use of force in a manner that utterly lacks proportionality in which the correlation of forces almost defies the basic concept of honour and the appropriate use of force.

I debated David Horowitz on the war last March. Would you like to come to St Xavier University and speak to my class or exchange views with me on the war? You probably would be quite well-received but I think we need to continue a dialogue on this war. My email is but I have a hunch that is already in some data base.

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