Kirstein To Deliver Paper on Horowitz and Academic Freedom

 I will be presenting this paper at the University of St. Francis.

Scholarship of Pedagogy Conference:

October 7, 2006

Sponsored by the University of St. Francis and the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area


"David Horowitz in Your Classroom: Assessing Right-wing Rage and
Proposals to Transform Pedagogy"

I debated David Horowitz last March on the Iraq War and teaching about the war. It is important to explore the specific arguments of the conservative critique of alleged pedagogical failings: Socially conscious professors are too biased. Professors abuse conservative students. Professors indoctrinate, proselytize and fail to engage in multiple causality. Professors assign only books that represent their weltanschauung.

Having been named one of the "101 Most Dangerous Professors" in David Horowitz's recent book, I can assess with some expertise the conservative pedagogical vision and its implications for all our teaching. This is a major event in the culture wars and for academic freedom in the United States.

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