Patriotism for What? Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori**

I would urge Americans to contemplate carefully their continued allegiance to the current government in Washington. It is sacrificing the blood of our men and women in Iraq for a ruthless enterprise that is more emblematic of savage barbarism than the pursuit of the national interest. I am sure Hans Morgenthau, the Straussian guru of his day but less autocratic, who developed realism as a entity of International Relations Theory and Praxis, would renounce such an absurd waste of treasure in the pursuit of empire leading to national destruction. Dr Morganthau who saw power as the essence of civilisation, and as the sole virtue of nations living in a Hobbesian world of utter anarchy, opposed Vietnam, because he construed it as tangential to larger Cold War containment imperatives. So Dr Morganthau worshipped power but discriminated between appropriate and inappropriate use of it with regard to the national interest. I could care less about the national interest and more about the global interest. The two are conjoined in many ways but an Empire views itself as the global archetype and ignores its actions’ impact on the international community other than rendering itself invulnerable to retaliation.

This government was slow to react to Hurricane Katrina due to incompetence and an utter lack of commitment to the nation. These are violent women and men that have no hesitation in sending your sons and daughters to kill and be killed so they can have a martini and say. “God, we run America; we run the world. Aren’t we something?” You are something. A disgrace, an uncivilised group of people that have usurped this nation and turned it into a terrorist state that is totally loathed throughout the world.

You have no sense of justice. You cannot empathise with the downtrodden. If you are America, then your Amerika is no part of me. We do not have a functioning democracy. We do not have a separation of church and state. We do not have freedom for women. We do not allow equal marriage. We do not have a commitment to helping the distressed and downtrodden. We do not support Kyoto. We do not support a Comprehensive Test-ban Treaty. We do not support peace. We vitiated the ABM treaty. The only positive thing about the Vietnam war in Iraq is without it, probably more Americans would be dying needlessly in a new, maniacal Korean War. Or there would be a huge deployment, with the draft, of millions of personnel to “contain” China leading to a global armageddon in Asia. Or American military personnel would be in downtown Tehran, or Natanz or Isfahan in Iran in a savage duty dance with death in that emerging and confident nation state. Once Iraq is over with and a war memorial is built to honour their sacrifice which was a total waste of their precious lives, I promise you, I guarantee you, we will be in another military action within a few years. A nation drunk with the love of itself and its perception that its essence is military might and military domination will only reluctantly pursue peaceful coexistence.

America must be stopped and contained. I hope certain nations, maybe a grand coalition of the EU, Peoples Republic of China and Russia will develop an effective containment policy. The communists did this for about half a century and some variant of this is necessary now. Who is going to delimit the geostrategic reach of America with its swath of destruction and death? The world is waiting and hoping for the America of rhetoric to approximate the America of reality.

** “It is sweet and glorious to die for one’s country.” (Horace)
I don’t think so.

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