Sanctioning the Sanctioner: The United States As Sanctioned Rogue State

The U.S. is the world's leading advocate of sanctions against nations that it has diplomatic disputes with. It is part of the arrogance that Americans are the policepersons of the world and should determine what type of national behaviour is acceptable and which should be punished. While I do not reject outright the concept as envisioned in Chapter Seven of the U.N. Charter, the U.S. has used sanctions to kill millions of children and other innocents from Iraq to North Korea. Sanctions are frequently indiscriminate and punish civilian populations. Yet the following would be measured and somewhat cathartic if imposed on the great American imperium.

I have frequently maintained that the U.S. is a major violator of international norms and a threat to international peace and security. Here is what sanctions, if there were a supra-governmental authority that could attenuate American power, might do:

1) Suspend all international contracts with American oil companies for six months.

2) Prohibit any American leader–the list would be extensive but would certainly include all national security leaders–from traveling outside the Western Hemisphere for one year. U.S. participation in international fora would be suspended during this period other than meetings in the United States.

3) No nation would purchase American military arms or participate in any nuclear agreement from reprocessing plutonium, to ballistic missile defence or any sharing of nuclear intelligence.

4) There would be an agreement to reduce imports from the U.S. from between 40 and 60%.

5) Nations owning US currencies and treasury securities would disinvest at the rate of 5% a month over an eighteen month period.

6) Tourism to the U.S. would be banned–a major source of revenue in the United States. Americans would be allowed to travel abroad excepting those persons specifically designated as national security elites above.

The U.S. would be required to do the following to end these sanctions:

1) Apologize for its nuclear genocide in Japan at the end of World War II.

2) Agree to remove all troops from Iraq, except for diplomatic and other policing personnel, within six months.

3) Openly condemn Israel for its occupation of Arab lands and demand a peace settlement that would end the settlements, withdraw Israeli forces from Syria, all of Lebanon including the Shebaa Farms and Palestine and lead to mutual diplomaic recognition. Hamas and Hezbollah would no longer be designated "terrorist" organizations but respected as legitimate forces of national liberation.

4) The U.S. would ratify the Comprehensive Test-ban Treaty to prohibit any further testing of fusion or fission weapons.

5) The U.S. would agree to rejoin the A.B.M. Treaty with Russia and forswear any efforts at constructing a nation-wide or strategic nuclear defence system.

6) The U.S. would join the International Criminal Court which is the first defence against war crimes and submit itself, as most other nations do, to international judicial norms and procedures.

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