The Bush Administration’s So Called Abandoning its Iraq “Staying the Course” Strategy is Typical Wartime Propaganda and Disinformation.

The Bush administration and their Democratic Party prowar acolytes are allegedly developing benchmarks, timetables and a strict quantitative assessment of progress as if the stay the course strategy is now under significant revision.

There is no reassessment but merely packaging old garbage in new bags. So what if the timetables and benchmarks of killing resistance fighters and assuming control over more Iraqi territory is not met? Will the U.S. then withdraw its invading army and marine corps in which elements have tortured and murdered innocent civilians? Will they give up those bases and their dream of an American-Zionist imperium from Tehran, to Baghdad, to Amman, to Damascus to Qana and to Palestine? Will the bombing end, the sweeps end, the destruction of Iraqi property end if this or that timetable is not met? No this is just overt propaganda before an election and those who visit this blog should know that it is an egregious form of disinformation and deceit.

Pinocchio's nasal revelation of less than honest statements and declarations is not merely a Republican foible or weakness. Senator Kerry, Senator Clinton and others are also equally duplicitous in their views on the war but this "rotogravure" seems germane to the accompanying post. Also the woodpeckers that reduce the nose to normal size would be helped in their mission by greater veracity. The left can't do all the pecking. We need the miscreants to see greater virtue in not just verisimilitude but actual candor and forthrightness!!!

The New York Times is making a lot about this alleged new direction. Sometimes high-level leaks, while reinforcing the elite press' capacity to acquire insider information, is not very significant. This is all smoke and mirrors. This war is almost four years old and supposedly now they are admitting to a readjustment of their war-fighting policy? Is  the “stay the course” strategy being changed to "giving orders to Prime Minister Maliki to do this by a certain date or timeframe?” Ridiculous; I see nothing new here but more efforts at colonisation and imperialism. I assess nothing that suggests this criminal war is phasing out and that withdrawal of American forces is contemplated.

General Casey is even considering deploying more troops in Baghdad which is the symbol of the failed state. Here is the 411 that the Republicans and Democrats don’t want the American people to be aware of.

1)  There is no Iraqi government but an illusion of one trapped in the Green Zone. It does not have the support of the Kurds—gone, the Sunnis-gone and even large elements of the Shi’a population.

2)  There is no way the so-called government can defeat the militias because they are more numerous and there is NO Iraqi army that is credible.

3)  The “government” is not going to reinvigorate itself and unify the country against the resistance fighters simply because the U.S. expresses frustration over the lack of progress. The Sunnis are not going to disarm and give up their hopes of being restored to power or sharing potential enormous oil-wealth  revenue which is only in Kurdistan in the North and Shi’a dominated south. There could be oil in the Sunni center but exploration can hardly take place in the midst of a major civil war.

This whole alleged new course of reassessing America’s war strategy in Iraq is illusory. There is no plan to end the war, stop the killing and reduce American combat forces in country. It is a slick plan to preempt the Iraq Study Group report of former Secretary of State James Baker and Lee Hamilton, a Democratic member of the 9/11 commission and former congressperson from the Hoosier State. Their ten-person panel report will allegedly offer new directions–I BET YOU ANYTHING IT WILL NOT CALL FOR TROOP WITHDRAWALS  BY A CERTAIN DATE–and will be promulgated after the November elections. Mr Bush wishes to appear proactive as the Republicans attempt to convince wary voters, prior to the midterm Congressional elections, that our new Vietnam War has a "light at the end of the tunnel."

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