Neo-Jesuit Website Podcasts HNN Article on Dr. Zinn and F.B.I. Witchhunt

A website, called Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit has added various accoutrements to my HNN article on the legacy of Dr. Howard Zinn and the execrable, recently released F.B.I. files: “The People’s Historian and the F.B.I. Zinn Files.”

1) They inserted numerous links that are reproduced below minus the ones I found somewhat “irreverent.” No pun intended.

2) They created a podcast of the introductory paragraph and a portion of the article dealing with Jesuit Father Daniel Berrigan. It was clearly a computer driven voice which mispronounced my last name. I noted with some bemusement a link to a dictionary definition of “coterminous” which simply means at the same time or happening simultaneously.

The slant of the website is rather conservative and I really do not know much about its provenance. I do know the Jesuits that educated me at Saint Louis University were one of the more liberal, progressive religious orders within the Roman Catholic Church: after all they did produce the great Berrigan.

Fr. Daniel Berrigan, S.J. (far left) and Howard Zinn (overcoat) from Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit blog

Excerpts of HNN article from the Jesuit blog:

Howard Zinn was the quintessential scholar activist at the time of his death at age eighty-seven in Santa Monica, California on January 27, 2010.  He had been the target of a quarter-century long FBI surveillance operation.  Just four years after his return from World War II in 1945, the FBI opened its investigatory file on Dr. Zinn (hereafter referred to as the Zinn Files).  The 423-page report monitored his activities as special agents and unscrupulous informants throughout the country recorded his growing influence in the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements.  His residences, phone numbers, attendance at meetings and numerous public utterances were recorded and filed.  His spouse, Roslyn Zinn, also came under FBI scrutiny. The Zinn Files were declassified and released on July 30, 2010.  Reflecting embryonic McCarthyism before Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s Wheeling address,  (entitled “Enemies from Within”) it established early on a “Communist Party: Counterintelligence Program” dossier.  The FBI repeatedly accused Howard Zinn of being a Communist Party member from 1949-1953.  Special Agent Edward Scheidt requested on March 9, 1949 that FBI director J. Edgar Hoover investigate the “communist” Howard Zinn………

He journeyed with Jesuit Father Daniel Berrigan, later of Catonsville IX glory, on a rescue mission to Hanoi in February 1968.  They secured the first release of American prisoners of war who were shot down over North Vietnam.
They were Air Force Major Norris Miller Overly, Air Force Captain John David Black and Navy Ensign David Paul Matheny (Howard Zinn On War, 49-51; Zinn Files memorandum to Hoover, February 16, 1968). This peace mission was coterminous with the epic Tet offensive that presaged the withdrawal and defeat of U.S. forces in 1973.
Link (here) The People’s Historian and the FBI Zinn Files by Peter N. Kirstein is professor of history at St. Xavier University
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