Update: Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit Blog Misrepresentation of HNN Article on Dr Zinn and Fr. Berrigan

Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit gratuitously and disgracefully refers to the late Dr Zinn in its title as a “Notorious Communist” and deliberately omits that portion of my article in which that affiliation is denied. I give precise documentation that Dr Zinn denied such as association and an opinion that such an association would confer honour especially during the time of the noxious Cold War imperialism of the United States. Nothing like objectivity I must say!! It also altered my article by changing “communist” to “communist.” It is customary to indicate when an emphasis is added to a quoted document.  Mr Joseph Fromm changed plain test to italicised text to emphasise his disapproval of communism which he has perhaps never studied or analysed. He should have added: “Emphasis added.” It was not mine to be sure!! Some might say I am too sensitive that a non-scholarly source altered a single word’s emphasis. I appreciate his generous response to my comment on his blog; it was very Jesuitical, even though he is not a Jesuit, but I needed to comment on these matters further here.

Also to the extent that communism, an imperfect ideology to be sure, advocates for the common person and excoriates economic disparities and injustices, one might at least stop to ponder whether communism in theory contains many positive attributes.

A final note: read about the Scottsboro Boys incident in 1931 which was one of the most egregious and shameful violations of due process and display of vicious racism. Who alone defended these innocents? The International Labour Defense, a communist-inspired courageous group. The N.A.A.C.P. was reluctant to defend or even cooperate with the I.L.D. to refute the charges of rape, and the African-American “boys” chose the latter to defend them. The Communist Party, U.S.A., was one of the few groups in the 1930s that spoke out against Jim Crow and American apartheid in the South. From the Share Croppers’ Union to other labour actions, it was the communists who led the fight for social justice.

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