Late Thursday or Early Friday Revelations: New Documents to be Released

Friday will be for all intents and purposes the fourth anniversay of my suspension for an antiwar e-mail. The actual date, as the Wall Street Journal joyously proclaimed in two anti-Kirstein editorials, was November 11, 2002. Their ebullient proclamation of joy was in part inspired by the fact that it was Veterans Day. As a veteran of the United States Army Reserves, it was some day all right but hardly surprising given the assault against the academic left in this country. I felt I was in pre-Gorbachev Russia for goodness sake.

Yet later this week I will be releasing previously unpublished e-mail between the principals of my case: former St Xavier University President Richard Yanikoski and myself. These documents address not only the particulars of my case but also suggest broader application to the issues of academic freedom and appropriate sanctions when levied against a faculty member in the United States. I did present excerpts of the forthcoming e-mail when I gave a paper at the University of Texas last February at the Historians Against the War conference.

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