Kirstein in the Press: U.S. Leaders Are War Criminals

In today’s Daily Southtown a variety of academic, business, religious and civic leaders were asked about what would be positive and negative developments for the new year of 2007. They were requested to address these observations from the perspective of one’s expertise. In the broadsheet, there were colour photos that accompanied persons quoted on page 1, and black and whites for those quoted on p. 2. These were my observations on p. 1 in the article written by Valerie Vedral:

Peter N. Kirstein, Saint Xavier University history professor:

“2007 will be a good year if all American troops are withdrawn from Iraq and a national dialogue begins on the meaning of violence and the militarization of American society. Hopefully our national-security elties will be brought to justice for the war crimes they have committed in launching a preemptive, unjust war.

“2007 will be a bad year if not one antiwar candidate has a serious chance for either the Republican or Democratic presidential nomination. Also, if the destruction of Iraq continues, as a result of American intervention, it will continue to destablilize the region and threaten American vital interests: these are internationalism, diplomacy and demilitarization of American life.”

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