Dr Timothy Kuklo, fake researcher and forgerer, Possibly in Austin, TX

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I believe the former, disgraced faculty member of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Timothy R. Kuklo, is possibly in Austin, Texas. I learned he has attempted to restore his practice there. I had received some information in late 2009 that he was in Texas but recently learned he was in Austin: ironically the liberal oasis in that reactionary state. I was told in a telephone conversation with an individual at Austin Surgical Hospital, that he applied unsuccessfully for staffing privileges. I was told that he cannot admit patients to the hospital or perform surgery there. He is not listed on staff as the link above demonstrates.

Dr Kuklo was the Army physician who conducted research on his Army-veteran patients at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in which he faked data, faked the names of putative co-authors by forging their signatures and endangered patients lives, in my opinion, with publishing knowingly fabricated research data that orthopaedic surgeons might utilise. He was part of a pay-to-play scheme with Medtronic, the manufacturer of Infuse, in which the physician received huge cash payments and was trying to market sales of the product. I do not know whether Medtronic was aware of his treachery. The former Army Colonel lied about the efficacy of the bone-graft Infuse on Iraq war veterans, with shattered shins and legs, that led to the removal of his published research from the literature. It also resulted in his forced resignation from the esteemed Washington University medical school.

Dr Kuklo has been treated with considerable leniency. Rumours of an Army investigation and a possible post-separation court martial have not materialised. Rumours of possible military sanctions resulting from his failure to adhere to research standards and guidelines at Walter Reed have not been meted out. Dr Kuklo continues to have a medical license although his capacity to utilise it professionally is apparently unfulfilled at least in the example cited above. Dr Kuklo holds MD and JD degrees so if his career as a physician has been stymied, he does have a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center to fall back on. I doubt if he has practiced law for decades or even if he ever stood for the bar exam.

One should note that Colonel Kuklo has never publicly spoken about his egregious misconduct. No apology, no admission of guilt, and no explanation have been proffered since this scandal broke in May 2009. I for one believe in redemption and that even a flawed and obviously perverse professional such as Dr Kuklo is worthy of forgiveness. Yet without some public statement or demonstration of contrition, it is difficult for me to avoid following this case and wishing to alert any possible employer or patient of Dr. Kuklo, that he cannot be trusted to understand that treating patients is a privilege. He has violated his pledge to honour the Hippocratic Oath– “Do no harm.”

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