Iraq War

The Iraq war must end and end now. The imperialist forces should withdraw their troops within six months with a DATE certain. The Iraqi government and constitution cannot be considered legitimate due to the violent, murderous overthrow of the Saddam government by the U.S. The coalition of the willing has basically defeated American forces and to pretend that a “western, democratic, representative” government is possible is illusory at best. An Iraq that is partitioned into Kurdistan, Sunni and Shiite areas would be better than the destruction now unfolding in that nation due to centrifugal forces. Perhaps a U.N. peacekeeping force will be necessary to insure some stability between three autonomous Iraqi states. Also the prospects of an Iranian-Iraqi shi’a rapprochment, while it will cause concern among the geopolitical imperialists stuck in Cold War images of game theory, should be welcomed as a step toward regional cooperation and the development of a counterweight to external forces in the region. I realise the latter is a geopolitical observation but so be it.

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